Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Welcome to the Hastings Public Schools Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA) Department web page. Guided by the District's vision and mission statements, the CIA Team works to provide educational leadership and support services for the staff of Hastings Public Schools as we continue to meet the educational needs of students.

The CIA Team also helps facilitate the District's teaching and learning process by promoting ongoing dialogue between HPS educators which challenges our notions about the best ways to teach, assess, and grade students. Teachers and administrators have responsibility for actively engaging in individual and collaborative work that improves learning opportunities for every student. As educators, we must be committed to making decisions based on research and best practices, regularly reflecting on current practices, making changes when better information becomes available, and continually improving the science and craft of education.

The CIA Department is committed to providing services that support and enhance student learning. By doing so, we strive to help HPS staff members work smarter and more effectively to realize the District's mission of "Assuring the Essential, Expanding the Possible."

Lawrence Tunks

Director of Learning


Sara Johnson

Curriculum Secretary