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My name is Sister Marie Garman, IHM. My classroom is room 1A, in the middle of the first floor area. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me at: sister.marie@hfrcs.org. I will get back 
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Third Sunday of Advent

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Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Now that we have come to the Third Sunday of Advent, the celebration of the Birth of Jesus is nearly here!  This week is quite a busy one, with rehearsals, performances, projects and preparations.  We had a wonderful time at CEC for our Christmas Party last Wednesday.  Thank you again for getting the Permission Slips back on such short notice.  Our trip was dependent upon the availability of a bus.  
I am sure that you have met our St. Juan Diego models and heard the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe by now.  The children had fun making the models. 
I will update our Advent Table Prayer as soon as I can.      

We expect to enjoy the gift of music brought to us by the Men of Harmony on Tuesday morning.  I know that Mrs. Haggerty has reminded everyone of our Annual Christmas Pageant, which will take place on Tuesday evening at CEC.  The children will be seated as a group during the performance and will be dismissed as their grown-ups come to the group to pick them up.  They will not be sent out to find you!  Please be sure to make contact with me as you pick up your child.     




Needless to say, we are "up to" a few things this week--the elves aren't the only ones who are busy!  Our classroom party is planned for Thursday afternoon, and we also look forward to a caroling visit to Woodbourne Place (next door) to sing to our neighbors there.  Our Advent/Christmas Prayer Service will be held in church at 9:30 on Friday.
Because of the activities in school this week, as well as all the family things you are probably trying to accomplish, I hope you won't mind skipping some written homework!  If you can't think of anything to do with a little extra time, feel free to assign your own homework!
If you are able to donate a roll of paper towels at this time, I would be most grateful.  We go through them quickly because I remind the children to place a "napkin" under their food when we have snack.  I think we are OK with baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, and tissues.
Thank you again for all that you are doing to help your child gain ground with extra practice, good sleep habits, and fun family experiences.

Have a great wh-e-e-e-k--That's how the guinea pigs say it!

S. Marie 
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