Technology Lab

Welcome to the Technology Lab at Holy Family Regional Catholic School!

Mission: The mission of the Elementary Technology Curriculum Committee of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is to empower teachers and students to use technology to become digital citizens, knowledge constructors, creative communicators, computational thinkers, innovative designers, and global collaborators.

ALL STUDENTS should try to have their own headset for computer use.

If possible, please send in an individual headset in a gallon Ziplock bag labeled with their name for your child to use for activities and curriculum on the Chromebooks, iPads and computers. Please open the package at home and ensure your child can put the headset on. Headsets do not need to be expensive, but should be durable. Standard jack headsets will work best. Headsets should not be wireless or Bluetooth.

STUDENTS in grades 4th through 8th must have a case that will fit an 11 inch chromebook. Students are required to have the chromebook in the case whenever the chromebook is being carried in the hallway or not in use.