¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

My classroom number is 224. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 215-771-1977 or wendy.moore@hfrcs.org.

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Classroom Behavior Expectations

“What respect looks like and sounds like in Spanish class”

1. Respect yourself, the teacher & others

* Show respect for the teacher, yourself and others at all times.

* Respect others’ property. Avoid touching or writing on anything that does not belong to you (including desks, textbooks, teacher’s belongings, walls, chalkboard, etc.). Don't expect that others will clean-up your messes. Please pick-up after yourself.

2. Be prepared for class each day

* Come prepared with all materials necessary:

* An organized class binder containing all necessary materials and handouts

* Loose leaf paper, pens (blue or black), and pencils

3. Follow directions when given

* When directions are given, do your best to follow them the first time. If you are confused or have questions, ask. I would rather have you stop class to clarify than be off task while everyone else is working.

4. Pay attention, participate and ask questions

* Engage in what is going on in the classroom. If you have a question, ask it! Otherwise, I might not know until the test that you did not understand something. If you feel most comfortable waiting until after class, that is okay, too, but do keep communication open between us.

5. Preserve a positive learning environment

* Student actions that interfere with teaching or learning in the classroom will NOT be tolerated.

* Use class time to learn SPANISH. Please do not spend your time playing with our Chromebook, talking, writing notes, listening to music, text-messaging friends, or doing work for other classes.

* Minimize classroom interruptions by arriving to class on time and not leaving the classroom during the hour.

6. Take responsibility for your actions

* If you are confronted about a rule infraction, own up to it. Don’t deny it, lie about it, or blame someone else.

* Take responsibility for missed assignments.

* All handbook rules will be enforced. Please read your handbook. Students that choose to break these rules, choose to have a demerit issued.

7. Turn off cell phones & electronic devices

* Unless specifically asked by the teacher, Chromebooks are NOT permitted in my classroom.

* Cell Phones should be turned off and invisible during the class period. If I see or hear your phone it will be taken away and given to an administrator. Refusal to turn over the cell phone will be treated as insubordinate behavior.

8. No food or drink, except water

* You may drink bottled of water in the classroom. If a spill occurs, please clean it up immediately and inform the teacher.

9. Never line up at the door before dismissal

* Please remain in your seat until I have dismissed you. Remember, I dismiss you, not the bell.

10. Pick up after yourself before you leave

* Take all of your belongings, pick up any scrap papers around you, and put your desk back in line before you leave each day.

11. Sit up properly

* Please sit at your desk properly. Shoes on desks, sitting on desks, rocking on the chairs is unacceptable. Please remember where you are and act accordingly.


1. Verbal warning

2. Demerit

3. Detention