Welcome to the Jungle in KA!    

  Coconut Rotation
Our class animal this year is a monkey named Coconut. Our class monkey will be sent home with a student to spend the weekend with friends and family. You and your child can draw a picture or take pictures with the monkey and journal about your time spent over the weekend so it can be brought back the following with the class.
Snack Rotation 
Your child will have the opportunity to bring a snack a day for a week. The snack bucket will be sent home with your child the Friday before the child's snack week. Please keep in mind our school is a PEANUT-FREE school and is not allowed to have snacks with peanuts in them or snacks that have been processed in a place that has had contact with peanuts. Please provide a snack that is quick and simple for your child to distribute to the class and enough for the attached KA Class List. Drinks are not necessary but welcome. Also remember to send any utensils necessary for serving your snack (spoons, plates, cups, napkins, etc).
Victoria H. May 8-12
KA's Prayer Intentions
Your child will have the opportunity to be assigned a week to choose a person/intention they would like our class to pray for for a week. We will pray for these people/intentions at home as well as in our classroom. Parents, please email me by the Friday prior to your child's assigned prayer intention week to let me know what we can pray for and I will list it here for the parents to write on their child's prayer card. Remember, there are 7 crosses for each day to pray for this specific intention. Have your child color a cross each day they complete their prayer each day for our class's intention.
Mrs. Dinkel August 29-September 4 - Please pray for our KA class to have a fun, safe, and healthy year!
Damian A. September 5-11 - Damian would like to pray for all children to have toys to play with.
Eli B. September 12-18 - Eli would like to pray for everyone to have food to eat.
Henry B. September 19-25 - Henry would like to pray for all the children that are sick and hurt.
Kamryn B. September 26-October 2 - Kamryn would like to pray for those families that struggle with fertility issues.
Avery B. October 3-9 - Avery would like to pray for family members who have passed away to enter the Kingdom of                                              Heaven
Hayden B. October 10-16 - Hayden would like to pray for those affected by the recent tornadoes and hurricane. 
Lexi C. October 17-23 - Lexi would like to pray for people who are blind
Chloe C. October 24-30 - Chloe would like to pray for sick children so that God may heal them and comfort their family
Joey F. October 31-November 6 - Joey would like to pray for the victims and families of car accidents 
Zee F. November 7-13 - Zee would like to pray for people who don't have homes and those that have to have surgery
Ella H. November 14-20 - Ella would like to pray for families to remain thankful for all their blessings over this holiday                                             season
Joseph H. November 21-27 - Joseph would like to pray for the people that die to go to heaven
Victoria H. November 28-December 4 - Victoria would like to pray for people that have dementia
Kaycie K. December 5-11 - Kaycie would like to pray for children that do not have money, in hopes Santa brings them                                                  something nice for Christmas this year
Josue O. December 12-18 - Josue would like to pray for people that are sick
Laken P. January 9-15 - Laken would like to pray for women having babies, hoping they are safe and healthy
Atley P. January 16-22 - Atley would like to pray for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies
Hayden P. January 23-29 - Hayden would like to pray for his mom, in hopes she has a successful surgery and recovers well
Austin P. January 30-February 5 - Austin would like to pray for President Trump for guidance to make good decisions for                                                        our country
Caden P. February 6-12 - Caden would like to pray for the health of our students at HFE and TMP
Caroline P. February 13-19 - Caroline would like to pray for people that are sick
David Q. February 20-26 - David would like to pray for people who have cancer in hopes they will be in remission
Mason R. February 27-March 5 - Mason would like to pray for those grieving losses and those that are sick
Alexa S. March 6-12 - Alexa would like to pray for her uncle to come back to God as he struggles with tough things in life
Reagan S. March 13-19 - Reagan would like to pray for her Grandpa Larry as he has lung cancer and going through chemo
Damian A. March 27-April 2 - Damian would like to pray for his sister's baby who will be born in July
Eli B. April 3-9 - Eli would like to pray for thanksgiving for the rain we have received for our crops
Henry B. April 10-16 - Henry would like to pray for God to guide families as they make hard decisions
Kamryn B. April 17-23 - Kamryn would like to pray for a healthy arrival of her baby brother/sister
Avery B. April 24-30 - Avery would like to pray for students and teachers as they finish out the school year
Hayden B. May 1-7 - Hayden B would like to pray for a fun and safe summer
Lexi C. May 8-14 - Lexi would like to pray for her grandpa Bill who has cancer
 Calendar Events

May 5 - May Crowning & Living Rosary @ 2:00 pm
            Last Day for A.R. Points!
May 8 - KA Returns Prayer Card for the week, new one goes home
            A.R. Pizza with the Principal @ 11:10 am (for those meeting the appropriate A.R. points)
May 9 - KA Attends Mass-Mother's Mass (Muffins with Mom following mass in the Little Theater) & Alter Server Recognition
            KA & KB Receive the Traveling Chalice for the week at Mass
May 10 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge in Salina, Ks
              HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATLEY P. (celebrate May 11)!!! 
              May A.R. Prize Day
May 11 - KA Attends Mass-May Birthday Mass & Lunch
              A.R. Extra Recess @ 2:45-3 pm (for those meeting the appropriate A.R. points)
May 12 - Last Dominic Savio
May 15 - Field Day & BBQ Lunch  (spirit dress attire)
              Celebrate HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE P.!!! (May 28)
May 16 - KA Attends Mass-6th Grade Recognition
              Lunch at 11:10 am due to 6th Grade Reception
              Celebrate HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI B.!!! (May 31)
May 17 - Last 1/2 Day of School-Dismiss @ 11 am
              Grade Cards Go Home
This Week in MATH

Saxon Math Lesson 108 - Covering Designs Using Tangrams
                                         Exploring Slides, Turns, and Flips
Saxon Math Lesson 109 - Identifying the Relationship Between Larger and Smaller Numbers
                                         Counting Forward and Backward on a Number Line
Saxon Math Lesson 110 - Matching a Number Card to a Set of Up to 20 Objects
                                        Solving a Problem by Drawing a Picture and Looking for a Pattern
Saxon Math Lesson 111 - Identifying the Numbers 11-30
This Week in Reading/Phonics

Unit 4 Assessment 
End of Year Benchmark Assessment

This Week in Religion 

Promise Magazine 
Promise wkbk pg. 26-30
 This Week in Social Studies

Unit 2: Communities
              Lesson 1 - Neighborhoods
                                  Vocabulary: streets, neighborhood, town, homes, stores, community, citizen
              Lesson 2 - Maps
                                  Vocabulary: near, far, above, below, drawing
              Lesson 3 - Signs
                                  Vocabulary: signs, crosswalk, crossing guard, stop light
              Lesson 4 - Rules
                                  Vocabulary: rules, friends, play, cooperate, compromise
              Lesson 5 - Community Helpers
                                  Vocabulary: police, firefighter, chef, mayor, sanitation worker, train conductor
              Lesson 6 - Communities
                                  Vocabulary: large, small, city, country, suburb, farm
              Lesson 7 - Celebrations
                                  Vocabulary: celebrate
Unit 2 Assessment             
This Week in 
Practice writing Name, Letters, Numbers
My name is...
My name is... I am .... (emotion word).
My name is... I help my (Mom, Dad, brother, sister, etc)
My name is... At the (community place) I can (verb). 
My name is... When we play we (verb)...
My name is... The music teacher plays the piano. We learn new songs. We sing the songs together. (beginning, middle, end)
Revise and edit the previous journal with a proper beginning, middle, and end
Proper nouns
Scene and setting of story
My name is...Today is... We go to... (completely independent)

Wish List 

Chromebooks for classroom use (need 18 more for a complete classroom set, ask me for details)

    Sight Word List 
Unit 1
Week 1 & 2 (starting 8/29 - ending 9/16) 

Unit 1
Week 3 & 4 (starting 9/17 - ending 9/30) 

Unit 1
Week 5 & 6 (starting 10/1 - ending 10/19) 

Unit 2
Week 1 & 2 (starting 10/20 - ending 11/18) 

Unit 2
Week 3 & 4 (starting 11/19 - ending 12/9)

Unit 2
Week 5 & 6 (starting 12/10 - ending 1/13)

Unit 3
Week 1 & 2 (starting 1/14 - ending 1/27)

Unit 3
Week 3 & 4 (starting 1/28 - ending 2/24)

Unit 3
Week 5 & 6 (starting 2/25 - ending 3/9)

Unit 4
Week 1 & 2 (starting 3/10 - ending 3/31)

Unit 4
Week 3 & 4 (starting 4/1 - ending 4/21)

Unit 4
Week 5 & 6 (starting 4/22 - ending 5/5)