Shirley Dinkel's 5th and 6th Grade

May 7-11, 2018

Dear Parents,

     It has finally come - the last full week of school! It is so hard to believe I am writing my last letter on my Virtual page.  Sad. But there is always that eager anticipation that more good things are just around the corner. God has more wonderful plans to unfold in each of our lives. Life is an adventure, and it has been a joyous ride! I am thoroughly and happily convinced that I have the dream job I wished for way back in second grade when I just knew I wanted to be a teacher. Catholic schools allowed me to enlarge my faith as I shared it with my beloved students. I will be forever grateful that God allowed and trusted me to care for his little disciples for 39 years. It has been a joyous journey, and I have many magnificent memories to take with me. Thank you, dear parents, for entrusting your precious children to Holy Family and to me. I may not be nearly perfect enough, but I gave 100% every day. I will always keep this awesome school in my prayers. 

    Thursday we will watch the Wonder movie. It is exceptional. We have thoroughly enjoyed the book. Also, we have a Sonic trip planned in the afternoon.

    Our very last Dominic Savio will be this Friday. It will be our once-a-year candy, pop, and more importantly - minion sale!!!! (Yes, it's time to part with these precious little fellas!). Every penny will go to the Stremel family to help with their expenses from the ATV accident. Our goal is $500. (Luckily, we have saved about $150. from previous sales.) If you have any extra candy from Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, or Easter, we'd be happy to sell it for this Stremel benefit. Thanks.

    Next Monday is Field day. Feel free to join us! In the afternoon, we will have a Minion party - movie and treats. Pretty nice way to end their 6th grade year!

    Course, I KNOW you've marked you calendars for Tuesday, May 15 for graduation and reception!  Mass will end about 9:30 and we will proceed over to the cafeteria for awards, DVD video, pictures, and reception. We should be finished around 10:45 or slightly before. Then in the afternoon (1:30-3:00), we will go to Precision Valley for Putt Putt and pizza! Pretty awesome!!!!!

    Thank you for all your support this year. It is because of involved, caring, generous, and faith-filled parents like you that this school even exists! May HFE be here for your children's children's children and even further into the future. For surely there will be the need to raise disciples of the Lord. God bless all of you, dear families.  May we all become saints and meet in eternity.

6th Grade:*

Monday:  - *Ch. 13 Religion test

     -No Spelling test.

     -Review for Wonder comprehension test.


      -Review for Wonder.


Wednesday: *Wonder test.


Thursday:  *Mysteries of the Rosary test.

      -Wonder movie


Friday:  Sunday Gospel


5th Grade:

Monday: Review for ACRE test

Tuesday:  *ACRE test

Wednesday:  Review for Ch. 16 test

Thursday: Review for Rel. test

Friday: Sunday Gospel. 

     -*Ch. 16 Religion test

Where does Mrs. Dinkel want to meet everyone someday? (Write in on a piece of paper and put stars around it.)


God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

God help me to be - what you want me to be.

Blessings on you and your holy family,

Mrs. Shirley Dinkel