Shirley Dinkel's 5th and 6th Grade

 Hello Parents,

       I am still all "aglow" from the TMP Homecoming parade. I swelled with pride seeing our students from previous years all grown up. And I had so much pride seeing our 6th grade students proudly walking down Main Street as this year's Savios. 

       Reminder of Fall Picture Day on Thursday. Send them out the door looking as sharp as usual in their HFE uniform.

       Mrs. Wentling mentioned on Friday that we have come up far short on our Red Wheel pizza goal. We fully understand there may be restrictions on budgets. It is our hope that you may find other customers who would appreciate these food items while supporting our school. Thanks for the extra effort. We appreciate all you do for us.

       Another challenge is to consider buying HFE Bucks either in the office or online. If you need help with this, email Olivia Becker at and she will gladly help with Presto Pay. These things really add up. Thanks!

6th Grade:

Monday: Receive Spelling list ("The Universe")

      -Study for Voc test ("Saving the Rain Forest")     

      *Ch. 2 Religion Test

Tuesday: *Voc. Test (receive new list for next week: "Hachiko")

     -Study Spelling

Wednesday: Study Spelling.

   -Study voc.

Thursday: Study Spelling.

    -Study voc.


Friday: *Spelling Test.

     -Study voc. 

     -Receive Ch. 3 Rel. study guide. Test Wed. Oral review Mon. & Tues. and listen to                  essays. 


5th Grade:

Monday: *Ch. 3 Religion Test



Thursday: Receive Ch. 4 Religion study guide. Study. (Test Tues.)

Friday: Listen to essays and oral review. (Also on Monday)


God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

God help me to be - what you want me to be.

Blessings on you and your holy family,

Mrs. Shirley Dinkel