Shirley Dinkel's 6th Grade

 Week of April 24-28, 2017

Dear Parents,

    There will be no slowing down these next 3 weeks. Waaay too much to do!

     Mr. Haas is doing State Math Assessments this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Think: good night's sleep and a good breakfast.

    Today is Green Day (too late to think about looking for a green shirt for your child). The money gathered from their $1.00 donation to wear jeans) will be put to very good use on our windows project.

     We are enjoying Famous Figures by the fifth grade on Monday. Remember that process last year? 

     Tuesday we will be at St. Nick's from 9-2 for Vocation Day.

     Tuesday evening at 7:00 is our Music program for the upper grades. I know I will enjoy the program and watching YOU enjoy the program!

     Sure hope we are able to have our Race for Education on Friday. We run (walk) from 1-2:00. Threat of ran is forecast, but hopefully it holds off until after the Race.

     I will be taking 6B to Good Sam from 2-3:00 on Friday. We will be doing 'Wheel Chair dancing.' After having just completed the Race for Education, I am thinking it may be mostly slow dances!

    Natalie Loftus (1st place) and Tanner Werth (Honorable Mention) will be honored at the Hays Arts Council reception in the Black & Gold Room at 1:00 on Sunday for their creative writing entries.  We are very proud of their talents and their hard work on their entries.


This week's work:

Monday:  No Spelling this week.

     -Review for Religion Test on Thursday.

     -Receive Vocab study guide. 

Tuesday:  Vocation Day.

    -Spring Concert

Wednesday:  Review for Religion Test.

     -State Math Assessments. 


Thursday: State Math Assessments.

     *Ch. 13 Religion Test.

Friday: *Vocabulary Test.

     -Race for Education 1-2.

     -6B goes to Good Sam from 2-3.


God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

God help me to be - what you want me to be.

Blessings on you and your holy family,

Mrs. Shirley Dinkel