Class 3A

Mrs Hagans

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Spelling words come from the Reading selection of the week.

You can practice your words  on

 Student can practice words using this site at home too!!

Test every Friday

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Students will be learning, practicing, 
 and using cursive writing this year.

Image result for IXL clip ArtIXL is a Math & Language practice Web site tailored for state and now Common Core standards. Like most practice tools and games, it also generates progress reports on student proficiency for parents and teachers.  Standards are taught in class and assigned.  Time is given in class to work on those standards.  Students who struggle may need extra practice outside of school time. 

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3A Virtual Classroom

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Shurley English is covered in class.  Workbook pages are assigned, front side is for practice & the back will be for a grade.  
Assessments given at the end of each chapter.


Information is covered in class. 

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 Lexia Reading Core5 is an essential component of our reading curriculum & supports our classroom instruction by providing differentiated literacy instruction for students of all   abilities. Lexia is a research-proven program that provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, targeting skill gaps as they emerge, and providing teachers with the data and student-specific resources they need for individual or small-group instruction.  Students are expected to complete 40min. each week.  Time will be given in school, but students are encouraged to work on this at home too!