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Welcome to 4B's Virtual Classroom!

Bits & Pieces 
For Memorization:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Luke 6:31
Habits of Mind:
Striving for Accuracy:
Check it again!
Always do your best.
Set high standards.
Check your work.
Find ways to improve constantly.
Growth Mindset:
It's not "impossible."
It's "I'm going to make it possible!"
modest, humble, meek, unassertive, gentle
"Take up your yoke and learn from me
for I am meek and humble of heart."
Jesus the Sacrifice is the perfect example of humility.
Mom & Pop
"Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6

We will be working on the virtue of humility this quarter; it is very needed with this class.

Encourage your child to practice skills in Lexia and in IXL.  
The Homework Scoop 
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Tests this Week:
Tuesday:  reading vocabulary test (open-book)
Tuesday:  math cumulative test (from textbook)
Tuesday:  English Chapter 7
Wednesday:  Encantado A.R. test
Thursday:  reading comprehension test
Thursday homework:  Religion Chapter 15
Friday:  Spelling (list only, no additional words)
Social Studies:
Tuesday:  Chapter 8, Lesson 1 (pages 232-237:  A Route to the Sea)
Wednesday:  Chapter 8, Lesson 2 (pages 242-245:  Badlands of South Dakota)
Thursday:  Chapter 8, Lesson 3 (pages 246-249:  Bountiful Midwestern Farms)
Friday:  Chapter 8, Chart & Graph Skills (pages 240-241:  Comparing Line & Bar Graphs)
Test for Chapter 8 is tentative for Tuesday, January 30
Websites available for practice:
Spelling City
IXL (Math) 
Corrections due:
Trade Grade Available:
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Week of January 15 - January 19

Both Jenna and Carson have completed the entire Lexia program!  

Mark, Elizabeth, and Connor have each completed a level this month!
Keep on keepin' on!

Jenna, Ian, Jaci, Connor, and Mark have completed January's A.R. requirements!  Onward!

Carson, Holden, Kinslee, Julian, Isaac, Rachel, and Sabrina 
have the nonfiction requirement under their belts.  
Nicely done!

Diego, Annie, Grace, and Jesse 
are finished with the fiction requirement for this month.
Thank you very much!

The social studies vocabulary tests were excellent!
Rachel, Jaci, Isaac, and Connor did it perfectly!
That's right down to the capital letter!

Y'all did terrific on the Southeast test!
Connor, Jenna, Wes, Diego, Carson, Grady, Ian, Isaac, Elizabeth, Jaci, Jesse, Rachel, John, Brooklyn, and Sabrina know it for sure!

No Math Quiz Whiz Kidz to report this round.

Jaci and Jenna have the English tests down-pat!  
Collected every single point, they did!
The Wishing Well
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Walmart gift cards (teacher and school supplies) 
Hobby Lobby gift cards (stickers and craft supplies) Wish granted!
Amazon gift cards (nonfiction books supporting 4th grade A.R. for library)
fun beanbags
It's a Date!
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January 21
Happiest Half-Birthday to you, Brooklyn!

January 22
You'll be cryin' for sure!
There's no school for you today,
but I'll be at inservice.
See you tomorrow!

January 24
Happiest Half-Birthday to you, Grace!

Janurary 28- February 2
Catholic Schools Week
Aren't you proud to be a disciple!
Aren't you glad to be here!

January 28
Be sure to feed our pig!
The Chili Supper is tonight!

January 29
Kansas Day!

January 29
Wear crazy socks or crazy hat, AND
bring a pair of socks to donate!
Sock Hop:  2:30

January 29
@ 5:15
Advisory Council meets in the library.

January 30
4B has the ministries at Mass today.

January 30
Can you spell well?
School Spelling Bee is today!

January 31
Wear your red, white, and blue shirt with jeans today
as we celebrate the Geography Bee at 8:15!

February 2
All Schools Mass 
with TMP and St. Mary's
We'll watch the 5th graders compete in Jeopardy!

February 8
February Birthday Mass and Birthday Dinner
honoring Isaac, Mark, and Diego!
"Let them eat cake."

February 9
Meditative Prayer today in the church.
You're welcome to join us.

February 13
Happiest Birthday to you, Isaac!
Add another word to the sentence!

February 13
4B receives the Traveling Chalice today at Mass.

February 13
Grab an apron!
Grab a pan!
Run, Run, Run
as fast as you can!
Today is the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race!

February 13
Bet we have the Valentines Party today.

February 14
Ash Wednesday Mass
Lent begins.

February 16
Happiest Birthday to you, Mark!
Add another word to the sentence!

February 16
There's no school today.
But don't cry.
You can come back.

February 19
Happiest Birthday to you, Diego!
Add another word to the sentence!

February 19
No school for you,
but school for me.
You can come tomorrow.

February 20
Spring Picture Day!
It's still winter!

February 23
No school for you.
No school for me.
It's a fine day for a day off!

February 26
The School Advisory meets in the library.
You're welcome to attend.

February 27
4B has the Mass ministries today.

You either love it or hate it, there’s little variance between te two. Candy Corn, some describe it as