Welcome to the   3B Lab Virtual Classroom
  September Birthday: Brooke - Sept. 25th

  Class Assignments:
          Spelling Test: Lesson 4 Sept. 18th
         Religion Take Home Test Chapter 3 -Sept.16
         Social Studies Test Chapter 1 : Sept. 17th

AR Update    
       Please stress that the children need  to try to get their AR done as soon as possible at the beginning of the month.
       Some of the children are waiting until the last minute to do what they should of been doing at the beginning

           The children are learning the valuable lesson of taking their time and reading over their
work.  Some are rushing through just to get done.  I would like to have you encourage your child
to take their time and read everything carefully.
     BE A RESPONSIBLE third grader. BE A "Bucket Filler."
            We put on a smile and do our best.  We make a difference in the
            lives of our classmates and anyone else that looks to us for help.