Look What's Going on in May

May Birthdays

                                                  Alivia Hagar   -   May 31st



 In religion we will be talking about living in a Christian community-about rules and how we should take care of one another.  This leads us to a review of the Great Commandment, which we have been discussing all year.



We’re still trying to get all those math facts memorized!  We’ve also been working with hundreds, ten and ones.  We will be wrapping up the year by reviewing and testing on the things we’ve learned this year.


Language Arts

We will continue reading fiction and nonfiction stories, and poetry,  

inferring, fact and opinion. We’ll started the 4th book of the reading series, and I have to admit I’ve got a bunch of eager readers.  They ask for extra free reading time! I told them their second grade teacher will be so impressed.  Soooo keep them reading this summer so they do loose too much of what they have accomplished this year!  I keep reminding them of that also. 


                                                      Social Studies

We will studying about our country and its founders, other important people in our past, and US symbols to finish out the year.


The spelling lists for May are:


May 1st train, way, tail, play, day, may, rain, gray, mail, afraid, about, would

May 8th eat, sea, each, team, please, dream, treat, beach, clean, lean, colors, sign


Check out Spellingcity.com for some fun ways for your child to practice the spelling words.