Look What's Going on in October

October Birthdays

                   Jerett Leiker   Oct. 13th               Andrew Rose    Oct. 22nd



October is the month of the rosary.  We will be learning about and praying a few decades of the rosary.  We’ll also be learning about Saints Francis, Faustina and Teresa of Avila.  The chapters in the religion book will be about Mary, the Holy Spirit and the church.



We will be working on fluency with addition and subtraction problems.  


 Social Studies

We learned about Johnny Appleseed and will compare him to St. Francis.  We will also continue learning about neighborhoods, communities and community leaders. 


Language Arts

We will be reading fiction and nonfiction stories, and poetry. 
We’ll also be discussing story elements such as setting, characters, and plot, fiction and nonfiction. In phonics and spelling well be working with words with the short e, short u, and the th and sh sounds. The children will continue to practice the jingles in Shurley English.  We’ll also learn about nouns, verbs and complete sentences. 


Spelling words week of:

Oct. 1st  bed   men   red   step   ten   net   leg   jet   sled   wet   saw   your

Oct. 8th   crust  bump  jump  must  just  dust  trust   dusk   hunt   lump   many   into    

Oct. 15th  ship   fish   then   shut   with   rush   shell   shop   trash   thin   want   good