Look What's Going on in April



     We’ve been talking about Easter and learning about Jesus’ miracles and Mass in religion class this month.



  We are still reviewing 1 more, 1 less and 10 more, 10 less. Then we will move on to comparing numbers and using the greater than and less than symbols.



 Magnets, light and sound will be our main focus this month in science.


Language Arts


We will continue reading fiction and nonfiction stories, and poetry.  

 The skills will be inferring, author’s purpose and fact and opinion. We will also be doing an in-depth study of the writing process.  The spelling words are getting a little more difficult, so practice, practice, practice!  In English our sentences have become longer and little tricky to label also.



Check out Spellingcity.com for some fun ways for your child to practice the spelling words.