Look What's Going on in March

                                          March Birthdays

                                             Joey Fisher:  March 10th

                                             Victoria Hodges: March 15th

                                                     Jace Herbers:  March 18th

                                                    Ella Kershner:  March 31st



Mass and Jesus’ beginning ministry are the next few chapters in the religion book.  We will continue to talk about Lent and do our Daily Penances. St. Joseph and St. Patrick will be the two saints we will learn more about.



We have moved from ‘doubles plus one’ facts to the ten’s facts and congruent shapes. Next is subtracting numbers from 10.  The children will also be learning what a dozen is. .                                                                             

Language Arts

We will continue reading fiction and nonfiction stories, and poetry. The spelling words are getting a little more difficult, so practice, practice, practice!  In English we will continue with common nouns and proper nouns, and singular and plural nouns.  Fact and opinion, cause and effect, sequencing and exclamatory sentences will also be discussed.


March 2: faster   fastest   shorter    shortest   sadder  saddest  bigger   biggest   slower  slowest  goodbye   before


March 9:  train  way  tail  play  day  may  rain  gray  mail  afraid  about  would


March 16:  eat   sea   each  team  please  dream  treat  beach  clean  lean  colors  sign


Check out Spellingcity.com for some fun ways for your child to practice the spelling words.