Welcome Back!!  We’ve spent the first few weeks reviewing things taught in kindergarten-words, numbers, prayers, rules etc.  The children seem to remember quite a bit of what they learned in kindergarten!  Remember this web page will be an overview of the month.  I’ll be sending out weekly emails also.

Look What's Going on in September

September Birthdays

Alex Unrein  Sept. 1st

Oliver Stoecklein  Sept. 12th


This year in religion class we will be reviewing prayers, learning about many of the saints, singing songs, and working in the religion books.  The first few chapters introduce us to the Bible and a few of its characters.


We are starting off reviewing numbers, shapes and graphing.  We will learn about addition and subtraction story problems.


The children have been learning about what science is all about and some of the science vocabulary. Check out the Einstein posters hanging in the hallway!  Our first unit is on the five senses and living and nonliving things.

Language Arts

We will be reading fiction and nonfiction stories, and poetry. 
We’ll also be discussing story elements such as setting, characters, and plot.  In phonics we’ll be reviewing short and long vowels, several of the consonants and syllables. The children will be introduced to the jingles in Shurley English.  We’ll also learn about nouns, verbs and complete sentences.