Mrs. Rohr

1A Peek at the Week 
May 7 - 11

May Birthdays
Amelia - 28

Chapter 16 - Jesus Shows God's Love
In this chapter, Jesus saw that the people were hungry and gave them all enough to eat.  Jesus showed people that God cares for them. Jesus teaches us to care for people.

Read - "Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House" 


High frequency Words
told, only, across, because, dance, opened, shoes
Spelling Words
No Test
Spelling Sentence

Suffixes -ly, -ful
Vowel sound in moon
*Round a number to the nearest multiple of 10 by estimating
*Identify geometric shapes: cubes and cylinders
*Add three single-digit numbers 
*Count dimes, nickels, and pennies
*Measure/Draw line segments to the nearest centimeter

5/10 - Mother's Mass 
5/14 - Field Day
5/16 - Last Day of School, Dismiss @ 11am


Classroom Wish List

Monetary donations for classroom books