HFBoards Webmaster Partner Program

Make HFBoards.com Your Official forum!

For a limited time HFBoards is taking applications for a new partnership program. This is a great opportunity for small sites and bloggers to promote their content and draw traffic.  The requirements are as follows:

1) Your website must be devoted to ice hockey and does not primarily operate on a paid subscription model.

2) Content must be original and comply with HFBoards Site Rules. Sites with offensive or libelous content will not be accepted.

3) Your site does not host forums or  promote other forums. This does not mean you can not list other forums in a links directory or "friends" section.

4) You agree to prominently place a link for "Forums" or "Message Boards"  that directs to  HFBoards.com on your homepage. This link may go to the index page or any subforum. For example, if your site is about hockey in Germany you may want your Forums link to go to our Germany country board.

5) No "anti" or bashing sites will be accepted (eg. firebettman.com, leafsuck.com).

6) Links must go to original hockey content. Do not post feeds from other media sites that you aggregate. Soliciting is prohibited. Examples of soliciting are help wanted, contest entries, merchandise sales, participate in polls, and petition drives.

7) You must be a member of HFBoards for at least 45 days (i.e. rookie members are not eligible).

What do you get out of it?

1) You will be permitted to post links to articles on your site on HFBoards. This line of our site rules will be waived: "While we encourage posters to cite sources and articles with links to websites, they are not to be posted by members with a vested interest in bringing traffic to those sites."

2) Exposure to thousands of visitors daily.

3) You and members of your staff will be entered into a special user group with a "HFB Partner"* user title to denote your status. 

*staff, sponsors, and moderators will retain default titles


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason. HFBoards spam policies still apply. In other words, no cross-posting to multiple subforums. Participants should select ONE forum that is most applicable for ONE post for the content to be posted.

To apply, write to partners@hfboards.com with your site details and HFBoards user name.