Dear parents/ guardians, hope you and your families are doing as well as possible during these challenging times. Things are changing day to day and everything is still very fluid. But we should be proactive and start planning for the upcoming academic year on the premise that school will open with new guidelines which will keep the safety and well being of students, parents and staff as a top priority.  

As we prepare for fall, students who start senior year in the fall need to start thinking about completing SMP, which is a graduation requirement.  Students interested in completing practicum/ workshop during trimester 1 of 2020- 2021 academic year, MUST turn in the Adult Partner Agreement form by July 15, 2020. The Adult partner agreement form can be printed from the HFA website. 
Go to: www.hfa-dearborn.org 
Click on Academics,  the 2nd tab from the left. Click on Senior Mastery Program from the drop down menu
This will take you to the Practicum site. All the handbooks are displayed on the left side. 
Click on Partner Handbook for the necessary documents. 

This fall all practicum experiences will be virtual. So as students start to network they should let the partners know that. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks. 

The partner agreement form can be printed off the the website or student can pick one up from the museum or village office.  Please have the potential partner complete and sign it. You can scan the sheet or take a picture and email it to


Partner's First and Last Name/Title
Name of Company/Organization    
Complete address with zip code
Partner Phone number
Partner email
Thank you in advance for your support.  
andy Kesavan
Desk: 313982-6192

Welcome to HFA Senior Mastery Process (Practicum) Page!

The Practicum Experience at Henry Ford Academy is a supervised work-based learning experience in which students are placed with an Adult Partner. With the guidance of the Adult Partner, the Program Director, and meaningful learning activities, students will research specific questions about issues that are intriguing and challenging. Students must complete 75 hours of fieldwork over a 6 1/2  week period in order to fulfill the Senior Practicum requirements. Since the Practicum is considered an extension of classroom learning, students are not compensated during the duration of the experience. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Also, because of the fact that it is considered an extension of classroom learning, liability is not an issue.



The Purpose of Practicum
The primary purpose of the Senior Practicum is to provide students with an opportunity to learn through experience in an environment where they make valuable connections between learning in the classroom and learning beyond the school. The goal is to enable them to become self-initiating learners by developing their own learning plans, choosing research projects that are interesting and challenging to them, and outlining a procedure to successfully implement them. Students choose their research project based on a career interest or personal passion. This experience will assist students in developing an awareness of the skills and attitudes required to function as productive, contributing members of the community. It will enable students to be involved in real-life problem solving, in which they are regarded as valuable and unique individuals whose ideas, opinions, and suggestions are respected and considered seriously. Lastly, the Senior Practicum will expand the students’ awareness of their goals, abilities and interests, relative to their future endeavors.


By the end of the Practicum Experience the students will:

  • Have made connections between classroom learning and real world learning.
  • Have had the opportunity to learn by doing.
  • Have an increased awareness of their own interests, abilities and skills to assist them in identifying and setting future career and personal goals.
  • Demonstrate acceptable work habits and life skills.
  • Have the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people whenever possible.
  • Demonstrate organizational and communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an increase in their self-confidence and social maturity.
  • Have identified a research project based on their career interest or a personal passion/desire.
  • Develop a desire to further pursue their dreams in an area of their interest.

Please refer to the attached Senior Practicum Package for more detailed information.

For more information, please contact Sandy Kesavan, Program Director, at 313-982-6192 or 313-505-7224, email skesavan@hfa-dearborn.org