No matter what pushes your buttons, one thing is certain — you're sure to get angry sometimes. Everyone does. Anger is a normal emotion, and there's nothing wrong with feeling mad. 

Sometimes anger is a sign that more is going on. People who have frequent trouble with anger, who get in fights or arguments, who get punished, who have life situations that give them reason to often be angry may need special help to get a problem with anger under control.

When to Ask for Extra Help
  • You have a lasting feeling of anger over things that have either happened to you in the past or are going on now.
  • You feel irritable, grumpy, or in a bad mood more often than not.
  • You feel consistent anger or rage at yourself.
  • You feel anger that lasts for days or makes you want to hurt yourself or someone else.
  • You're often getting into fights or arguments.