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 Samara’s Aid Winter Clothes and Bedding Appeal 2016

                           (in association with Christian Hope International)


Whoever is kind to the needy honours God’, Proverbs 14:31



Just like last autumn,  this October, the benefice held a collection for destitute people who fled their homes and needed shelter and help.   Christian Hope International (CHI) joined together with Samara’s Aid Appeal to help collect new or nearly new winter clothes and bedding for Syrian refugees.

An  opportunity to practically help refugees and show them the unconditional love of God in word and deed.

On Saturday 1st  and Thursday 6th October, we packed 149 banana boxes of warm clothes,

shoes and blankets, plus several large bags of duvets and sleeping bags. These were taken

 down to the CHI warehouse ready for the Samara’s Aid lorries to transport them to Syria.



Transport costs: Each lorry to the Middle East costs around £6,500. We were able to raise £260 just from our three villages!


Please pray that the items arrive safely to their destination.


‘We love because He first loved us’, 1 John 4:19