Osaka Castle courtesy of Zeku-san.
Date: 12-14 December 2011
Location: Sigma Hall, Osaka University (Toyonaka Campus), Osaka, Japan (see access page)

Now we are in the LHC era, in which we anticipate new physics beyond the Standard Model. In this exciting time, we would like to have a workshop on physics in the flat and warped extra dimensions such as the gauge-Higgs unification, universal extra dimension, Higgsless, and holographic models.

This workshop stresses theoretical developments as well as phenomenological consequences and experimental observations.  We encourage lively discussions and exchange of new ideas among participants.

Invited speakers include:
    Adam Falkowski
    Tony Gherghetta
    Kazunori Hanagaki (from ATLAS)
    James E. Hetrick*
    Choon-Lin Ho*
    Mitsuru Kakizaki
    Michiru Kaneda (from ATLAS)
    Yoshiharu Kawamura
    Donghee Kim (from CMS)
    C. S. Lim
    Shigeki Matsumoto
    Koji Nakamura (from ATLAS)
Yoichiro Nambu*
    Mariano Quiros
    Marco Serone
    Masaharu Tanabashi
    Bayram Tekin*

    *Invited for a session celebrating Yutaka Hosotani's “Kanreki,” his 60th birthday.

    Gi-Chol Cho
    Naoyuki Haba**
    Hisaki Hatanaka**
    Yutaka Hosotani**
    Shinya Kanemura
    Kin-ya Oda**
    Koichi Yoshioka

    **Local organizers

    exd-local (at) (local organizers)
    exd-org (at) (organizers)

This workshop is supported in part by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) 20244028, “Extra dimensions, origin of generation, and LHC physics" and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, 23104005, “New structure of spacetime through physics at the tera-scale.

(Top photo of the Osaka Castle courtesy of Zeku-san.)