Misdemeanor & Traffic Fine Information

All Fines are payable to the
 Village of Hessmer

Village of Hessmer Town Hall
4142 Bordelon Street
Hessmer, Louisiana 71341
Phone (318) 563-4511

Hours—Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM
The Hessmer Police Department does not Accept or Handle Fine Pleads or Payments please contact the
Villagae of Hessmer Town Hall for further questions at the address or phone number above.

Court Fines

If mailed, payments must be made by Money Order or Cashiers Check. Payments made in person may be money order or cashiers check. Fines may be paid at the same location as tickets during same hours. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Cost of Cout is $45.50 which must be added to any fines imposed.

Traffic Citations

Tickets issued by the Hessmer Police Department may be paid at the Village of Hessmer Town Hall Office. Payments sent in by mail MUST be in the form of a MONEY ORDER or CASHIER'S CHECK and MUST be accompanied by either the original or a copy of the CITATION

The following list of fines for common violations is accurate as of November 1th, 2010. Before mailing a fine payment, please call (318) 563-4511 to verify the current fine. Fines are subject to change at any time without notice.

1-20 MPH OVER LIMIT $116.00
Each MPH OVER $5.00
Violation of General Speed Law $116.00
Driver's License Violations
RS 32:52 & 32:402 through 32:427
No Driver's License $111.00
Permitting Unlicensed Driver to Drive $116.00
Restricted License Violation $111.50
Expired Driver's License (more than 90 days) CALL
Expired Driver's License (less than 90 days) $111.00
No Driver's License on Person $111.00
No Motorcycle Endorsement on Driver's License CALL
Failure to Change Address on Driver's License CALL
Driving Under Suspension $181.00
Inspection Sticker Violations
RS 32:53; 32:1304
No Inspection Sticker $111.00
Switched Inspection Sticker CALL
Expired Inspection Sticker (more than 90 days) CALL
Expired Inspection Sticker (less than 90 days) 111.00
Careless Operation
RS 32:58
Careless Operation $200.00
Vehicle Insurance Violations
RS 32:8631
No Insurance $185.00
No Proof of Insurance $185.00
Vehicle Registration Violations
RS 47:502-47:540
Failure to Register Vehicle $65.50
No Registration Slip in Vehicle $111.00
No License Plate on Vehicle $111.00
Switched License Plate $111.00
Expired or Canceled License Plate Tags $111.00
Driving on the Right Side, Overtaking & Passing
RS 32:71-32:76; RS 32:81-32:82
Failure to Drive on the Right; Crossing Center Line; Improper Passing; No Passing Zone $175.00
Violation of One-Way Roadways; Following Too Close; Improper Lane Use $175.00
Improper Turning; Stopping
RS 32:101-32:106
Improper Turns $127.00
Improper Moving or Parking Vehicles $175.00
Failure to Signal CALL
Right-of-Way Violations
RS 32:121-32:125
Failure to Yield at a Controlled Intersection CALL
Failure to Yield When Making Left Turn $127.50
Violation of Stop Sign or Yield Right-Of-Way Sign $127.50
Failure to Yield When Entering Highway from Private Drive CALL
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles CALL
Parking, Standing, and Stopping Violations
RS 32:231-32:237
Parking or Stopping on Open Highway $152.00
Improper Parking or Stopping in Specified Place $175.00
General Improper Parking $175.00
Unattended Motor Vehicle CALL
Traffic Control Signals
RS 32:231-32:237
Placing Unauthorized Signs and Signals CALL
Tampering with Barricades, Signs, or Signals CALL
Vehicles Transporting Explosives
RS 32:251-32:252
Failure to Obtain Permit CALL
Improper Equipment CALL
No Inspection of Vehicle Transporting Explosives CALL
Motorcycle Violations
RS 32:190-32:191.3
No Eye Protection; Improper Riding; Improper Passing; Improper Lane Use; Clinging to Other Vehicles; Improper Carrying of Passengers; No Safety Helmet CALL
ATV Violations
RS 32:51-53; 32:58; 32:190-192; 32:416; 32:501
No Vehicle License $65.00
No Drivers License $111.00
No Inspection Sticker $111.00
No Eye Protection; More Than One Passenger; No Safety Helmet CALL
Unlawful Operation by Minor CALL
No Registration $65.50
Careless Operation $200.00
ATV on Road CALL
Vehicle Light Violations
RS 32:301-32:332
Improper Lights or Lighting Equipment; Operating with Lights; Failure to Dim Lights $111.00
Brake Violations
RS 32:341-32:346
Improper Brakes and Brake Equipment CALL
Other Equipment Violations
RS 32:351-32:378
Improper Horns and Warning Devices; Improper Mufflers; Improper Modification of Exhaust System; Improper Mirrors; Improper Windshield Wipers; Inadequate Windshield; Tire Equipment Violations; Improper Fuel Caps; Tow Car Equipment Violations; Failure to Carry or Display Flares or Warning Devices; Illegal Window Tinting $125.00
Vehicle Size, Weight, & Load Violations
RS 32:380-32:389
Improper Vehicle Size, Weight, or Load CALL
Miscellaneous Offenses
RS 32-****
Improper Backing; Obstruction of Driver's View or Driving Mechanism; Improper Opening of Doors; Riding in House Trailer, on Fender, etc.; Following Emergency Vehicles too Closely; Hunting on Public Road $150.00
Child Passenger Restraint System $50.00
Safety Belt Violation $25.00
Smoking in Vehicle with child in restraint seat (Non-Moving) call
Loud Music $200.00
Dogs at Large (No Damage or Injury) $100.00
Leaving the Scene of an Accident $185.00
Open Container $200.00
Failure to Maintain Control $200.00
Obedience to Officers $200.00
Use of Cell Phone While Driving During First Year of Driver's License (RS 32:289.1) CALL
Texting While Driving on a Public Highway (RS 32:300.5) CALL
Use of Cell Phone While Driving by Holder of a Learner's Permit (RS 32:600.6) CALL
Use of Cell Phone/Texting While Driving on a Public Highway (Aged 17 or Younger) (RS 32:300.7) CALL

                                                  Driving Unsafe Vehicle 

 (R.S. 32:1301)