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Our High Tech Crime Unit and Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force are working hard to keep your kids safe online.     Chat & Texting abbreviations
School violence and safety is a national concern. Today, more than ever, it is essential that communities, businesses, parents and students work together to develop and implement a disciplined program to create an environment where learning can take place.
This manual provides law enforcement officials and other emergency responders with a useful guide on emergency preparedness laws. The information found in this manual is intended to increase your understanding of your agency’s legal rights, responsibilities, and limitations during an emergency. The Emergency Preparedness and Response Reference Manual also contains information on how to properly facilitate and communicate on federal and state levels for assistance before, during, and after an emergency situation. Important facts and laws on the management of disasters and devastation in your area are also provided in the manual. Please note that the laws in the Emergency Preparedness and Response Reference Manual are accurate as of the date of publication, January 20, 2009. 
 Louisiana Legislaive Laws and Revised Statutes


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