Expository English 3

Welcome to Expository Reading and Writing

Notice that writing is listed in this course name -- get ready to write because it is our primary focus. Expect daily writing, vocabulary & grammar quizzes, and an essay each module. We will be reading many articles and 2-4 novels. We will rarely use the textbook. Below please find the Remind101 notifications and class calendar. 


1st Semester

  1. What's Next? Thinking About Life After High School
  2. Coming of Age Lit Circles
  3. The Rhetoric of the Op-Ed Page: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
  4. American Literature Puritan, Rationalism, Romanticism

2nd Semester

  1. Racial Profiling 
  2. Race in America Lit Circles
  3. The Politics of Food
  4. American Literature: Realism, Modern, Contemporary

If an assignment does not meet minimum requirements, it will be returned for corrections and a 0 recorded in the gradebook until the assignment meets minimum standards. The resubmission will fall under late work rules.

  • Quizzes may not be given if the student has not completed the work. This means if students don’t do the work leading into the quiz/test, they may not earn points for the work OR the quiz until they make-up the corresponding work.

For more class policies, read my Introductory Letter & "Syllabus"
Kate Gentilucci,
Aug 10, 2014, 6:28 AM