English III

Welcome to 11th Grade English! College and/or career readiness is a major focus of this class because YOU are getting CLOSE! Let's dig in and get you ready!

English 3

Grade Breakdown

Quizzes/Tests:          40%

Classwork/Projects: 20%

Writing:                    20%

Participation             20%

If an assignment does not meet minimum requirements, it will be returned for corrections and a 0 recorded in the gradebook until the assignment meets minimum standards. The resubmission will fall under late work rules.

  • Quizzes may not be given if the student has not completed the work. This means if students don’t do the work leading into the quiz/test, they may not earn points for the work OR the quiz until they make-up the corresponding work.

For more class policies, read my Introductory Letter & "Syllabus"

Suggested Supplies:

  • At home textbook checked out by this Friday

  • 1 ½” binder or a portfolio dedicated to Expos

  • Binder paper, college-rule

  • Pens (any color OK, red for grading)

  • Pencils (mechanical preferred)

  • Highlighters

  • Colored pencils or washable markers

  • Index Cards

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