Websites for Staff

Website Options:
If you choose to go with Weebly or Wix, or if you create your site outside of your District email (personal Gmail account), I cannot provide support if you get stuck.

Google's Help Site
Enter your question: "how do i add a page?" 
There are step-by-step tutorials here.

Setup Tutorial

To begin, login to your District email.
At the top of your email, click Sites.
On the new page, click the red Create button on the left.

The Create Page
On this page, you'll need to "Browse the gallery for more themes" and choose a theme... if you don't do it here, you'll have to settle for a more basic theme OR delete your site and create a new one to get the theme you want.
You'll also give your site a name. Ex: Mrs. Smith's Class
When you have the name you want and the theme you like, there's another red Create button at the top of this page.  Click on it. :)

After you've created your site, you'll need to get to work editing areas and creating content.  The pencil icon and the More button on the top right will be your best friends in this process.  
Under More, choose Edit site layout or choose Manage site to get most things done.
When you've clicked the pencil icon, you'll have more menu options to the top left including Insert and Layout.  If ever you find yourself stuck in the pencil/edit mode, click Save to return to normal.
Most importantly, you need to make sure your site is publicly viewable.  On the top right by the pencil icon and the More button, you should see a blue button.  Default should show your icon as a couple of little buildings meaning that only those of us signed in with our District email can see your page.  Click this blue button to change the settings to "Public" or "Anyone with the link"

More Help

You can always email me,, if you have any questions I haven't covered here or you can't find in the Sites Help link.  Your CLS may also be of assistance.  Please don't hesitate to email me for anything though, I'm always here!

Many of you have used the nifty slideshows feature in Schoolloop.  Google Sites has this ability also, but it's slightly more complicated to get used to.

Make sure you are signed in to your District email!
Click "Upload" at the top of the page.
Here, you'll name your album and add photos to it.  Please be fairly descriptive with your naming.  For example, use something like "Awards June 2013" instead of today's date, which is default.  This will really help you when you're trying to insert your slideshow into your page later!
Now, you can actually drag photos from your folder on your computer into the big open space on the screen.  

Alternatively, you can click "Select photos from your computer" and choose and upload that way.  When you're finished uploading pictures, click Ok at the bottom

Now, you'll see thumbnails of the photos you uploaded and you'll have some menu options on the right. This is where you need to make sure your album is public.  Mine defaults to "Only you" and has an edit link to the right of "Only you."  Other options include Public on the web, Limited anyone with the link, Hesperia Unified School District, or People at Hesperia Unified School District with the link.  If yours doesn't say "Public on the web" you'll need to click on "edit" and find the drop-down box and make that change.

Now, go back to your page and click the pencil icon.
On the top left, click Insert > Google+ > Photo album.

Choose your album and click Select.
Choose the size (Medium is generally big enough)
Uncheck Show captions
Check Autoplay
Uncheck Include border around Google Picasa Web slideshow
If you check Include title, make sure whatever you have in that textbox is what you want the world to see.  This is just a title, not a description, so keep it short and sweet yet descriptive. For example, Reading Party August 2013.
Hit Save.

If you want to make any changes to the slideshow such as the size, title, border options, or if you realize you forgot to make it publicly viewable, you'll need to delete the placeholder in edit mode and Insert the photo album again.  Most of the changes you might want to make will cause the slideshow to stop working.  Anytime it stops working, just redo it.  :)

Sample: (Medium, no border, title: "Juniper Perfect CST Scores")

Juniper Perfect CST Scores