Frequently Asked Questions

Gmail Migration Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will I be able to access my old email?
A:  Yes, in two different ways:  

1.  Groupwise will remain online on its current hardware for at least a few months after making the change.  No new email will be delivered there, but you can still get to your old email.  We may transfer the Groupwise system to less resource intensive hardware after a few months, but it will remain online for at least a year or more.

2.  We also have the capability to migrate your Groupwise email into Gmail.  We’ll need to have your username and password for Groupwise.  Based on our testing, it takes a long time to migrate an inbox.  Figure on a maximum of about 10,000 messages per hour.  That should speed up as the load on Groupwise is reduced, but at those speeds we can only migrate dozens of mailboxes a day.  If you want to request a migration, please fill out our Migration Request Form.

Note:  Any email that has been archived by the Groupwise client will still be accessible by opening those archives with the Groupwise client.

Q:  Can I still email people in the district by typing part of their name in the address bar?
A:  Yes, it searches the global address book much the same way that Groupwise does.  In fact, in some ways it is easier since it will give you choices based on any part of the name (first or last).

Q:  I have a lot of contacts that I would like to import into Gmail.  Is that possible?
A:  Yes.  Groupwise can export your contacts in the vCard format which imports directly into Gmail.  It’s fairly easy once you get the hang of it, but we’re always happy to help.  We are currently working on a step-by-step instruction sheet for that.