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Anti Bullying

One of the special feature pages that we are going to work on for this year's book is a page talking about the Anti-Bullying efforts that are going on at Cedar this year including the recent Rachel's Challenge event and the various anti-bullying clubs like FOR, Safe School Ambassadors, and Junior Interact.

Each table group will be producing an anti-bullying page for the yearbook. 1. Groups need to sign in to yearbook avenue and start by clicking on the page number that coincides with the computer number they are working on.  2. They need to pick a template from the Designs tab that they will use to make their page.  

Images of the recent Rachel’s Challenge event have been uploaded into the Images tab, and a link to the student interviews is available below.

Page Requirements

Each page needs to have:
  • A Headline
  • At least on feature picture with caption
  • four or five smaller pictures with captions
  • One paragraph about the Rachel’s Challenge event
  • One paragraph about anti-bullying in general
  • At least three student interviews with quotes.

If possible think about getting photos of the students that were interviewed. If you need additional interviews grab an interview sheet off the table and schedule some more. It might be good to schedule some more interviews with members of the various clubs mentioned above.