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Typing Quizzes

In this class you will need to pass 7 typing quizzes. Typing quizzes are taken at powertyping.com

What to do ...

Step One:

The first step is to go to Powertyping.com and click on the Qwerty Lessons link.

Step Two:

The second step is to choose the quiz that you are going to take. Be sure to click directly on the letters for the lesson. Do not click on the R for the review lesson.

Step Three:

The third step is to click "Start" and begin typing the letters that appear in the quiz box.

Step Four:

When you finish the quiz you will see a score card like this one. Each quiz has a minimum number of Words per Minute (WPM) that you must achieve to pass the quiz. See the chart below to see the minimum WPMs for each quiz. In addition to reaching the correct WPM for each quiz you must also complete the quiz with 2 or less Errors. Subtract the number of errors from your WPM to get your final score.  Compare the final score with the chart below to know if you have passed.

Tips for passing Typing Quizzes

The biggest mistake that most students make on the typing quizzes is trying to go too fast. Remember that there is no point in going fast if it causes you to make mistakes. Slow down and use the right fingers. Another trick for typing accurately is to type in a steady rhythm. Listen to a song and type with the beat.

Step Six:

When you have completed a quiz and you have the correct number of WPM and 2 or less errors raise your hand so that the teacher can come record your score. You must raise your hand to have your score recorded while the card is still on the screen. If you leave the score screen before having your quiz score recorded you will need to take the quiz over.

Passing Scores for Typing Quizzes