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Name Picture

Project Description

The Name Picture is simply a fun project that the students do towards the beginning of the term to familiarize them with some basic skills and tools on their computer including:  using the built in webcam, saving and re-naming files, turning in files to me over Edmodo.



In class we will be using software called PhotoBooth from Apple. This is included in all recent Apple computers.

Work at Home

If you don't have PhotoBooth on your computer at home, try using one of these websites to complete your project.

What to do ...

Watch the video and follow the steps to complete your own Name Picture.

Step One:

Draw out your name on a piece of paper.  You can use markers or colors or anything that you choose.  The darker your drawing the easier your picture will be to read. 

Step Two:

Use the PhotoBooth program, or other program if you are working at home, to take a picture of yourself and your name.  The picture must have your face and your name drawing.  You can use any effects available as long as I can still see your face and read your name.


Your webcam is located at the top of your screen, so be sure to look right at it and smile pretty. :)

Step Three:

Save the picture to your Desktop, and rename it this way.  Period-Your Name-Assignment Name   So, my name picture will be called 1A-Mr McKean-Name Picture.png.

To edit the file name 1) Click on the file you want to rename 2) Type the Enter key and type the new name you want 3) Type the Enter key to lock in the new name. 

Step Four:

Upload your Name Picture to the dropbox at  Sign in with my email address ( and ask me for the current password.  Find the Name Picture folder and upload your picture. 

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