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Magazine Page

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Project Description ...

In the Magazine Page project students will learn how to use the formatting tools in the Open Office word processor to give their documents a more professional look.  This formatting includes using proper fonts, formatting paragraphs, and adding graphics and additional text elements like captions, titles, and by lines.

Work at home ...

In this class we will be using the Open Office suite of productivity software.  This is a free program that you may download on your home computer from  Download it at home if you would like to be able to work on your projects from home as well as at school.  This Open Office suite will run on Mac and Windows computers.  

What to do ...

Step 1: Plannning

The first step in the Magazine Page is to (A) pick your topic, (B) brainstorm on what you already know about the topic, and
(C) think of your research questions.  This year students will need to select an COUNTRY for their reports.  This can be any COUNTRY, but NOT United States, Mexico, or Canada.

Open a blank document and write down the following items about the country that you have selected.  
  • A. Name of the Country that you will research
  • B. Brainstorm at least one paragraph of what you already know about the country
  • C. Write 10 questions that you DON'T already know about the country that you will research for your article.

Step 2: Research

For each question that you have asked select two or three keywords and use those keywords to search the inter net for the answers to your questions.  When you find information online that you want to use in your magazine be sure to write down:
  • The answer to your question
  • The name of the website where you found the information
  • The name of the author (if possible)
  • The address (URL) of the website

You will need this information later when it is time to give proper credit in your projects.  Remember that to get full credit you will need to use at least two separate sources for you information. 

Step 3: Writing

Open a new word processing document and write at least three paragraphs on the information that you have learned during your research. 
** It is important that you do all your writing first before you begin playing with fonts, pictures, and text boxes (formatting).

Step 4: Editing

Get someone else to help you edit your work.   Many times what you write may make sense to you, but not to others.  It is always important to have someone else help you edit your writing. 

Step 5: Magazine Formatting

The last step for the project is to format it to look like a professional magazine page.  Formatting means that you not changing the content of the page, but the way that it looks.   
(Right Click here to save a copy of the video to your computer)

For your formatting you will need to add:
  • Body Text : Georgia Black 12
  • 2 Pictures with Captions - One needs to be a map
  • By Line and Title
  • Drop Cap
  • All margins set to 1/2 inch
  • Works Cited List

Sample of student work from a previous class

Scoring Checklist

Instructions: When you think that you're done with your project please go get a scoring guide from the basket at the front of the room.  Put your name and period on the scoring guide, and then raise your hand and I will come and score the rest of the project.  Be sure to double check all the items on the list before asking me to come score your project.