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iPod Drawing

Project Description ...

In this project students will use drawing tools in Open Office to draw a picture of an iPod like the one that you see here. You will learn how to make basic shapes, colors and gradients, transparency, and text boxes.

Work at home ...

This project will be done using the free office suite called Open Office. If you would like to work on your project at home you can download it for free from

What to do ...

Watch the video and follow the steps to complete your own iPod drawing

Step One:

Use the rectangle tool to draw the iPod body, and use the Format > Area command to give it a nice color or gradient.

Step Two:

ollow the same steps as step one to draw a screen for your iPod and give it a color or gradient.

Step Three:

Use the Elipse tool and Format > Area menu to draw the click wheel and center button for your iPod.

Step Four:

Use a Text Box to add the word "MENU" to your iPod. Remember to use Format > Character to change the color of your text.

Step Five:

Use the basic shapes tool to make a triangle for your iPod click wheel. Use the options in the Format > Position and Size menu to rotate and resize the triangle. Use Copy and Paste to make all the triangles that you need.

Step Six:

Use the Line tool to make the small lines for your iPod. Use Format > Line menu to change the color and size of the lines. Use Copy and Paste to make all the lines that you need.

Extra Shading:

Watch the remainder of the video to learn how to apply extra shading to your iPod to give it a true three-dimensional look. EXTRA CREDIT AVAILABLE FOR THIS STEP

Turning in Your iPod

To turn in your iPod you will first need to make a picture of it. 
  1. First, take another text box and put your name at the bottom of your drawing
  2. You can take a picture of your iPod by using the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + 4 and draw a selection around your completed drawing.  This will take a picture of the selection and save it on your desktop
  3. Rename your picture correctly with this format Period - Your Name - Project Name and upload it to Edmodo.

Click on the video to the right if you need more help with this step. 

Scoring Checklist