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Google Sketchup

Project Description ...

In this project students will use Google Sketchup to learn to do some basic 3D drawings.


This project will be done using Google Sketchup a free 3D modeling tool. If you would like to work on your drawings at home you can download Sketchup for either PC or Mac here.

What to do ...

Step One: Learn the Basic Tools

The first step is to watch these three videos to learn to use the basic tools in Sketchup.

   Basic Concepts of Google Sketchup


  Push / Pull into 3D

Step Two: Draw a Chair

This video will show you how to use the basic tools to draw a chair. Draw your own chair. Your chair needs to have a:
  • Seat
  • Back
  • Four Legs

Step Three: Take a picture of your house

Bring in a digital picture of your house, or use Google Maps to find your house and take a picture of it so that you can build a 3D model of your house. If you would like to model a more advanced building you may, but you will need to have a picture of that one as well.

Step Four: Model Your House

Use the skills that you have learned to make a 3D model of your house. Your house needs to resemble the photograph that you took including:
  • Four Walls
  • Roof
  • Entrances
  • Colors and Textures
  • Other Details: Chimney, Windows, Lawn items, Fence, etc.

Step Five: Project Summary Sheet

The last step in any project is to create the summary sheet for your final project, the Digital Portfolio. For the Google Sketchup project your Summary Sheet needs to include:

  • You name at the top (Size 72, Helvetica)
  • Three pictures that show your best work on this project
  • Captions in Text boxes that describe the work that is being displayed in the pictures (Three captions)
  • When completed submit your Summary Sheet to the class DropBox for inclusion in the class competition.

View this video for detailed instructions on completing your Sketchup summary sheet.

Advanced tools

If you would like to, here are some videos that you can watch to learn about more advanced features in Google Sketchup.

 Creating Shapes 1
 Creating Shapes 2
 Copy  Layers Pages
 Accuracy  Autofold  InfLocking
 Intersect      Layers
 Match Photo Part 1
 Match Photo Part 2
 Arc  Axis  Circle - Polygon
 Components  Dimension     
 Eraser  Follow Me
 Line  Move
 Offset  Paint Bucket
 Position/ Look Around
 Push/ Pull
 Rectangle  Rotate  Scale
 Section  Select  Tape Measure
 Walk  Printing Presentations
 Sketchup Models

Samples ...

Here is some sample work from previous Cedar students.

Scoring Guide ...