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Digital Portfolio

Project Description ...

In this project students will use Hyperstudio to build a Digital Portfolio that allows them to display all their previous work in the class.  This is a file that they will able to bring home on a flash drive or CD-R.

Work from home ...

The portfolio will be built on a program called Hyperstudio5. This program is already installed on your school computer, but if you would like to work on it at home you may download a 30 day trial on your Mac or Windows computer for Free at

What to do ...

Hyperstudio Basics

Watch this video to learn some basics for building cards in Hyperstudio.  It says "Digital Biography", but that's because in past years we used Hyperstudio for the digital biography rather than iMovie like we did this year.

Once you feel comfortable with the tools in Hyperstudio you can move on to the next video and begin setting up your Home Card.

Step One: Setup your project

The first step is to set up your cards in Hyperstudio. You will need to have the following cards (8 cards):
  1. Home Card
  2. Typing quizzes (If you have pictures from this)
  3. Name Picture
  4. iPod Drawing
  5. Magazine Project
  6. 3D Sketchup Drawings
  7. Digital Biography
  8. Audio Book

Step Two: Build your cards

Each of your cards need to have an audio or video recording, and links to other cards:

On your home card you will need to add an introduction video as well as pictures representing each project, and links to the individual project cards.

Each project card needs to have:
  • A sample of the project
  • An audio or video explanation of the project
  • A link back to the home card

Step Three: Export your project

In this step you will export your finished project to an HTML file that you can save on a flash drive or burn on a CD. Take it home and share your work with your friends and family.

Scoring Checklist ...