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Digital Biography

Project Description

In this project students will do internet research on an Scientist or Inventor and create a digital presentation about that person. The presentation will include graphics like pictures, maps, or charts, text information, spoken narration, and music and sound effects. See the introduction video on this page for more information.

Work from home ...

In class we will be using iMovie that comes free with all current Apple computers. If you are working at home on a Windows computer you can use Windows Movie Maker, or a trial version of other commercial software like Sony's Vegas or Adobe's Premiere Elements

What to do ...

Step One: Pick a Subject

The first step is to choose the person that you will be doing your presentation on. Remember that this semester you need to choose an Author. Here are some web sites that you might look at to get some ideas:

Step Two: Research and Write your Script

Download the template below and fill in Ten questions that you would like to learn about your subject person and then use the internet to research and find the answers to your questions. Your answers need to be written onto the form in complete paragraphs. You need to write at least one full paragraph for each question you are researching.  These paragraphs will be the script that you will read later when you are narrating your movie.

Remember to keep track of the sites where you get your information so that you can give credit on your project. (Hint: press Command+D on your keyboard to add a bookmark for any sites that you find good information on)

Step Three: Collect Pictures

    • 1 Portrait - To be shown during your introduction
    • 10 or more Pictures to go with your research question (at least one for each question that you researched) 

Step Four: Assemble Pictures in your Timeline

In this step you will take the pictures that you have collected in your folder and start assembling them inside your iMovie project.

  1. First you will need to open iMovie and start a new project from the file menu.
  2. Drag the pictures from your folder into the time line in the order that you want them to appear in your movie.
  3. Adjust the duration of the pictures as you practice reading along with your script.

Step Five: Record your Narration

  1. S
    elect the correct microphone and set the levels
  2. Record and normalize your audio clips
  3. Adjust the time of the pictures to match your narration

Step Six: Transitions and Titles

In this step you will add animated transitions between the pictures for your ten questions.  You do not need to add animations between pictures that are for the same questions.   

Titles are text on the screen.  You will need to have Titles at the beginning video that include your name and the name of the author that you are presenting on, and you will need to have titles at the end of the video that list the websites where you got your information.  

Step Seven: Add Background Music

The background music provides the emotional context for your video.  Choose some background music that matches with the general theme of the presentation.  I will show you how to get background music from a CD, Soundcloud, and  Your background music is your choice, but it needs to match the theme of your presentation and be instrumental music with no lyrics.  You don't want the words in the music distracting viewers from your own words in the narration. 

Step Eight: Export your Movie

The last step of this project will be to export your video.  You will use the Medium quality export from the share menu to export your finished video to your desktop for viewing and scoring. 

Scoring Checklist