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Soundtrack Project

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Project Description ...

In this project students will use the program Garageband to recreate the soundtrack for a scene from a Hollywood film. They will learn how to use music, sound effects, and voiceover recordings to make a scene with professional sounding audio.

Work at home ...

Because this is a group project it is best that you do your work at school. However if you wanted to do a project like this at home this program Garageband comes free with all new Apple computers. If you want to do a project like this on Windows I would look at a program called Mixcraft. They even have a trial that you can download and try out before you spend any money.

What to do ...

Step 1: Download your video clip

Right-click (Control - Click on a Mac) on one of the links below to download the video clip that you want to use for your project:

Step 2: List and download the sounds you will need to complete the scene.

Watch the video and make a list of all the sounds effects you will need to complete the scene. While this seems like a lot of work it will be much easier to make a list of all the sounds at one time, and then search the internet to find them and download them.

*Remember to right-click (control-click on your mac) on the link to the sound to download it.*

A couple sites that you might want to take a look at to find your sound effects are The Recordist and Partners in Rhyme, or just do a Google search for "Free _______ sound effects," and fill in the kind of sound that you are looking for.

Step 3: Add sound effects to project

Add all the sound effects that you have downloaded to your project. Be sure to bring each sound, or type of sound into its own track. Use the volume sliders on the left of each track balance the sounds correctly. You don't want one sound covering up all the others.

  1. Add your downloaded sound effects into your project by simply dragging and dropping them into the Garageband window. 
  2. Each sound should come in on its own track so that you can balance the volume of the sounds correctly.
  3. If the sound cannot be used because it is in an 8bit format you can use iTunes to make a new mp3/AAC version that will work.

Step 4: Add your voiceovers

Use the microphone to record your own voice to sound like the voice of the character(s) in the scene. Change your voice to sound like the character would sound, or you can use Effects to change the way that your voice sounds.

Buzz Lightyear Script for voiceover:

 Buzz Lightyear mission log.
All signs point to this planet as the location of Zurg's fortress,
but there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.

Step 5: Add your music

In film the background music is called the score. Use to find an appropriate score for your scene. Remember to click on the .mp3 link to download the sample to iTunes and import into your project. This track you will also need to balance the volume correctly.

Step 6: Export and Upload

Export your video from Garageband by going to the Share menu and choosing "export movie to disk," choose the full quality option, name it, and save it to your desktop. When you've finished upload it to my Dropbox for scoring.

Student samples ...

(coming soon)

Scoring Guide ...

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