New Students


Greetings and Welcome to the CMS Computer Applications class

I'm glad that you were able to join our class. If this is your first time in the class please take a moment to view the welcome video (once it's posted) and then be sure to check the New Student Checklist and other important topics below to get you up and running with the rest of the class.

New Student Checklist:

  1. Download and Review the Class information packet
  2. Fill out the Student Information Survey
  3. See me to setup your lab user account and fill out a New Student Contract
  4. Start working on your Typing Quizzes.

Typing Quizzes

While new students are not expected to complete all the work that they have missed before they were in the class, Typing Quizzes are the exception.  This is such a valuable topic that all new students are expected to complete the same typing quizzes as the other students have.  Please see the Typing Quizzes page for more detailed information on this. 

In order to accommodate the completion of these quizzes new students will not will be given a period of time to focus just on typing skills before picking up with the other major projects the class is doing. This class has been designed with a focus on flexibility so that students can move through the class at their own pace, spending more or less time on certain topics as they need.  Due dates are provided as a way to keep on track to finish all projects on time, but late work is always accepted for reduced credit. This flexibility makes it difficult to simply jump in with the rest of the class as some will be farther ahead and some will be behind.  I will meet with you to fill out a New Student Contract so that everyone is clear on which assignments and quizzes need to be done and which will be excused. 

Required Materials

The only equipment that is required for students to provide for the class is a pair of headphones.   I recommend picking up a simple pair that can stay in the backpack and be used just for this class.  This will reduce the chance that you will be using them at home and forget to bring them to class, as well as giving others less reason to want to borrow or steal them at school.  Almost all of the class projects have some sound aspect to them so it is important that you remember to bring your headphones every day so that you can get your work done without disturbing others around you.


I am excited and glad that you have chosen to join our class.  Please bookmark this site and refer back regularly to keep up to date with what is happening in class.  Consider this site your interactive text book for the class.  My contact information is all on the homepage, please feel free to email or call if you have any questions.  Also, if you are able to provide your email addresses when you fill out the Student Information Survey I will be sending out regular class announcements and updates as important due dates and events come around.

Thank you,

Timothy McKean

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