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Summary Sheets

In this class we will complete summary sheets after  each project.  Summary sheets show samples from the project as well as descriptions of the different parts of the project. You can talk about the methods or challenges that you worked with on the project, or describe the tools and process that you used.  The more you describe the more interesting your final digital portfolio will turn out.

View the video below to see more about how to get started with your first summary sheet (for the iPod drawing)

How to make your summary sheet

Step 1: Take pictures of your project
Use the keyboard shortcut:   Command + Shift + 4  to take pictures of your project.  Take at least three pictures of parts of your project that you want to talk about on your summary sheet.  You can talk about parts that were especially interesting or difficult, or talk about the work that went into making it or the tools that you used to make the project.

Step 2: Import your pictures into a blank slide in a presentation file

Step 3: Resize and arrange your pictures.  Be sure to hold down the shift key on your keyboard while you re-size your images that you don't stretch or squish your pictures.  Remember to leave enough empty space around the pictures for your text boxes that will describe what we're seeing in the picture. 

Step 4: Use the Text tool to add your text boxes and write descriptions about the parts of the project that you have chosen to show in the pictures.