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Spreadsheet Introduction

In this assignment we will begin to look at a new type of Open Office document called a Spreadsheet.  Spreadsheets are useful for collecting and organizing information, and is especially useful for organizing and calculating mathematical information.  

1. Watch the following video first and take notes in either Cornell or Mind Map style before beginning your assignment.

2. Once you have watched those videos you are ready to begin building your own spreadsheets.  Today you will build a spreadsheet to help you plan for your Superbowl party this weekend.  

    A. You will need to open a new Spreadsheet in open office
    B. You will need to put in column headers for the following categories of information:  Food Items, Cost, How Many, and Subtotal - So your spreadsheet will start by looking like this:

    C. Next you will need to begin filling in the information for the food items that you want to purchase for your party.  You will have 20 people coming, so be sure to get enough.  Fill in your spreadsheet with information for 5 - 10 different food items that you want to have for your party. Be sure to fill in the Name of the Item, the Cost of the item, and How Many you will be buying.

    D. Now you can begin creating Formulas to help you find out how much all your food will cost.  In the Subtotal column put a formula that will multiply the Cost of the food item by How Many you will be buying.  

Your Formula might look like this: =C4*D4  

This means that this cell will show you the result of the value in C4 - the cost of the first food item - multiplied by the value in D4 - the number of those items you will be purchasing.  Copy and paste that formula into all the cells in the Subtotal column.

I'll fill in the first item here to show you how it might look.  

    E.  Now you will need to use the SUM Function to add up all the subtotals of the different food items that you are going to have for your party.  (You could also build a formula, but I think the the SUM Function is easier to use.)

In an empty cell enter =SUM and press enter.  Now select the range of cells that you want to add up and press enter again. This will give you the total that you will need to spend for your party.