Animated Name

Project Description

The Animated Name is an extension of the traditional Name Picture project from the Computer Applications class.  Students will learn about stop motion animation while making an animated video of their name.


There are several programs available for download that will allow you to complete this project. You can use a photo program like Apple's PhotoBooth or there are also more advance stop motion programs like iStopMotion or SingleFramer.  For the examples in class we will use either PhotoBooth or SingleFramer because they are both free

What to do ...

Watch the video and follow the steps to complete your own Animated Name.

Step One:

Use a photo program like PhotoBooth or a Stop Motion animation program as described above to take pictures of your individual frames.  Make small changes in each picture and it will appear that your name is drawing itself in the finished video. (If you used Photobooth then you can skip directly to step 3 when you are finished)

Step Two:

Once you have exported your finished animation you will need to use Quicktime to convert it from an Animation format to a Movie format that you will be able to work with in iMovie or any other video editing program.  Simply double-click the video to open it in Quicktime player and then re-save it in Movie format by clicking File>Save As and give it a different name.

Step Three:

Import your photos or converted video into iPhoto.  This is the best way to manage your photo and video files on the Mac.  Photos and videos that you import into iPhoto will also be available for use in your iMovie projects. 

Step Four:

Use iMovie to adjust the speed of your animation as necessary. Add some background music and sound effects and optionally add a video effect.  Export your finished animation clip by clicking Share > Export Movie and choose the "large" setting.