Greetings Cedar Parents and Students

Welcome to the Cedar Middle School Computer Applications classes.  The goal for these courses is to introduce your student to educational uses for computers that will allow them to succeed not only in their other classes here at CMS, but in future studies and jobs as well.

Topics of study

Topics that your student will study may include:
  • Touch typing
  • Word processing/ Desktop publishing
  • Internet safety and research
  • Essential email skills
  • Multimedia presentation
  • 3-D drawing and design
  • Audio and video production

Expectations and Consequences

  1. Students are expected to remain in their seat and on task during class.
  2. No food (including gum and candy) is allowed in the computer lab. Water only may be kept away from the computers 
  3. Students will use technology equipment correctly as instructed. 
Classes that remain on task all day will have the opportunity to earn 5 minutes of free time at the end of the class session. 

Students choosing not to remain on task will reduce the class' free time as well as lose participation points and receive the following consequences:

S - Students will be removed from the computer and write a page of Sentences based on the rule broken
C - Removed from computer for the remainder of the day and a parent Call home
A - One or Two day ALC
- Referral to discipline administration

Needed supplies

While Cedar Middle School will provide the computers and other large equipment for the course, there are a few small things that your student will need to bring.  

The most important thing for your student to remember is a pair of headphones. Many of the lessons and projects that we do in class require sound so it is important that students have a simple pair of headphones with them that they can plug into the computer. As you can imagine playing audio out loud is distracting to other students in the class and will not be allowed. I recommend having a simple (cheap) pair just for the class that can be left in the backpack rather that using other iPod, or nicer headphones. 

Students will also need to have a class notebook.  Most of the assignments that we do will be on the computers themselves, but there will be times that students will need to take notes in their notebook or write journal responses as part of a class assignment.  Notes taken may be used on class quizzes, so the better notes you take the better you will do on the quiz. 

Optionally some students find it useful to have a USB flash drive. This is an inexpensive storage device that will allow students to easily transport work from their to school computer to their home computer if they choose. Others may choose to open an account at that will allow them to store files on the internet for accessing from other computers.  Again, these are optional items that some find useful. 

Care of classroom equipment

Students will have access to expensive equipment such as computers, cameras, microphones, and lights. It is important that students work hard to take proper care of the equipment provided so that we may continue to offer this course.   For this reason students are not allowed to bring any food or drink to their computer station and are encouraged to wash their hands regularly before coming to class. Students may leave water bottles near the front of the class and can ask for permission to go get a  drink of they need to.  Students who choose bring food to class or behave in a way that endangers class equipment will loose their computer privilege immediately as described above. 


Grades will be based on three areas: participation in class (40%), quizzes (20%), and projects (40%).   More detailed information on anything we are doing in class can be found at the class website This site is our online course textbook. Check it regularly to find links to class resources, instructions, videos, quizzes, news, and examples of outstanding student work.  Students will use the site to work through the required lessons, quizzes, and projects. While every project or quiz will have a specific due date, students have the option to work through the class at a faster pace if they choose.

Projects and quizzes may be submitted after the due date, but will be reduced by 15%. You may track your student's grades at any time using the PowerSchool website at  

Recording in Class

Occasionally as part of a class project we will need to take photos, or make audio or video recordings of students. Please be assured that while student work may be posted in the student gallery on the class website, recordings of students' work will never be posted with full names or other private information, or without student consent.

Working at home

While working on computer projects at home is not required some students may choose to do so in order to complete the projects faster. Most of the software that we use in class can be downloaded for free or there are free or trial alternatives that can be used at home. Online quizzes and typing quizzes can also be completed at home. See the class website for more detailed information on completing projects and quizzes at home.

Click here to download a printable version of this document.  If you haven't already done so, please detach, sign, and return the signatures portion of the document verifying that you and your student are familiar with and agree to the expectations of the course.