TimeToPic Bundle

TimeToPic Noder application for Windows

Bundle contains TimeToPic and TimeToPic logger applications. 
TimeToPic license key removes time limitation from both applications. 

There are 2 bundles: One for Windows and one for Linux Ubuntu 14.x 64bit. Windows has 2 versions: zip and installer. For quick testing installer is recommended. 
  • Windows zip version starts simply by clicking exe after you unzipped package somewhere. 
  • Windows installer will install all applications to standard location. Uninstaller provided. 
  • In Linux, you might need to start app either in sudo or enable UDP ports 
  • #define REMOTE_API_PORT 10236
    #define REMOTE_API_CLIENT_PORT 10237
    for remote API (Logger commands TimeToPic to load logs)
See release plan & notes for detailed versions info. 

TimeToPic free goodies

TimeToPic Noder application for Windows

TimeToPic Noder is real time graph visualization app.  TimeToPic Noder is free application and you can have sources as well. 


Serial2TimeToPic application for Windows

Serial2TimeToPic is free application.

If working with microcontrollers, RS232 logging is one option.  Download RS232 to socket protocol converted from here. Installer contains guide and binaries. Source code can be found from Installer is for Windows. From sources it is possible to compile Linux version too (written using Qt).

Compatible Arduino logging library (zip library) can be found here. 


Power2TimeToPic is free application that uses Labjack DAQ for power measurements. 

Application that interfaces with LabJack DAQ and forwards measure data to TimeToPic Logger. This applications requires that you have LabJack U3-HV DAQ and you have installed LabJack device drivers. Installer is for Windows. 

Websocket Javascript example code

Download example of Javascript logger component that you integrate to your web application using Javascript.  Example works TimeToPic logger V1.60/Windows version at moment.  Logger address is configured on example "".  

Qt reference logger code

Download example code of logger component that you integrate to your Qt applications.