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  • We will have 5 book reports this school year (see the categories below).  The students will need to do some reading at home in order to have the book read by the due date.  The "report" will be completed in class.

Book Report Categories
 Fiction (100+ pages)
 Nonfiction - Biography or Autobiography (100+ pages)
Fiction - Newbery Honor/Award (100+ pages)
 Nonfiction - Topical (50+ pages) 
 Choice:  Fiction (100+ pages) or Nonfiction (50+ pages)

Bible Memory Verses
  • Memory verse quizzes are given most Wednesdays.  The students will receive the new verse about a week before the quiz.  The students will need to study these verses at home.  For the quiz, the students will be required to write the verse and reference (book, chapter, and verses).  Spelling and punctuation will not be scored.
  • This year the students will keep a spelling journal (spiral notebook).  The notebooks will be kept in their binder.  The students should bring their journal home each evening to study for the test.  Their assigned spelling list can be found in the journal as well as the pretest we took to determine which list they would be assigned.
  • Spelling tests are given most Thursdays. 

Other Assignments
  • Students are expected to study and prepare for tests and quizzes.  I do my best to make sure that the students have a maximum of two tests or quizzes to prepare for each day.  I recommend that students review their social studies and science notes every evening for a few minutes.
  • Weekend folders are sent home each weekend.  Please review the papers, sign the folder, and return it to school on Monday.  Papers found in the "home" pocket are for you to remove and can be discarded.  Papers found in the "school" pocket should be returned with the folder or shortly thereafter.
  • Students are occasionally given the opportunity to correct some content quizzes and tests.  Qualifying tests and quizzes will be located in the school pocket of the weekend folder and labeled "Correct and Return".  Half credit will be rewarded for corrections made and returned by the due date.
  • At the end of each week the students need to get their behavior (point) sheet signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Book It is an optional program where the students can earn rewards for reading at home.  Forms will be distributed to the students at the beginning of each month (October-March).  Students who are interested should complete the form and return it to school by the end of the month.  In order to qualify, the students must have read a minimum of 300 minutes during the month.
  • Additional assignments may be given on occasion.