HR FastPixel Strip Quick Start Guide

  1. Open the protective case for the PixelPusher.  The case is snug but can be opened by applying gentle force.
  2. Set all jumpers on the board to the on position.  "On" means that the jumper is connecting both jumper pins
  3. Make sure the power supply you bought (or are using) is supplying 5V DC.
  4. You do not need a configuration file if the defaults work for you.  We default to all 8 ports active, driving lpd8806 strip (the kind Heroic Robotics sells), and the unit getting an IP address via DHCP.  If you bought strip from our kickstarter campaign, clock and data are unfortunately swapped.  If you have early strips and find your strips don't work, this is probably what happened.  Put this config file on a usb stick (named pixel.rc) and insert into the pixelpusher.  We recommend these USB sticks.