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 Jenny Donegan

TechHeroes Program Manager

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Woodside High School students are interested in TechHeroes!!


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Looking for High School Partners
Community and Service Learning Opportunities!

TechHeroes is a service learning opportunity for high school students through tutoring seniors to access technology, increasing their connection with the world, their loved ones and a wealth of knowledge.  The Internet is the library of today.  Providing support and tools in which to navigate successfully the information age is the core of the program. As one of the seniors said in a focus group meeting . . . . “We want to show high school students our world, and we want to experience their world."

New Program Schedule starting January 9, 2012
●   Monday thru Friday 12:30pm-2:30pm
●   Saturday 10am - 3:00pm

HOW ? Program Tutoring Activities:
 ■ Creating an email account
 ■ Skyping (video phone) talk/see loved ones
 ■ Taking photos and printing, demo videos on topics of interest
 ■ Making art, listening to music and watching movies
■ Play Games-solitaire, brain games etc.
■ Research on the web medical/sports/history . . .
■ Google Earth to visit your childhood home


Jenny Donegan
TechHeroes Program Manager
phone: 831-334-0003

We look forward to seeing you!  


Location: Sunrise Senior Living in Palo Alto, 2701 El Camino Real, Palo Alto

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