Troubleshooting Strategies

        1.      Physical Checks

a.       Is it attached to the electricity?

b.      Is it firmly attached to the network?

c.       Is it attached to the other hardware?

2.      Did you get any error messages?

a.       Write it down – everything!

b.      Did you try what it says (if it is understandable)

3.      Try something similar

a.       Can you reach a different Internet site?

b.      Can your neighbor reach the Internet?

c.       Can you print to a different printer?

d.      Can you open any program?

4.      Clear the cobwebs
Note: If you have any suspicions that your computer is not going to restart, such as grinding noises when it is coming up or always scanning when you start, back up your critical files immediately and do not turn the computer off.

a.       Try a restart (Click on Start button, Shutdown, Restart)

b.      Try a shutdown, including unplugging the electricity and the network cable for 30 seconds

5.      Clear the cobwebs – dust bunnies – just clean your computer and the space around it once in a while.

a.       Dust causes the computer to accumulate heat.

b.      If you clean the outside, less will get inside.

6.      Some prevention

a.       Delete temporary Internet files.

b.      Accept Windows Updates when your computer says they are available.

c.       Back up your data! Any critical data should never be in only one place.