dreamer. maker. troublemaker

i worked in advertising for 15 years
most of them as a strategy director in bbdoworld's best ad agency
creating strategies for some of the greatest brands on earth

together with my wonderful life & business partner
we co-founded heraldist & wondermarks in homeland, transylvania
then in bucharest. then in san francisco

best decision ever

together with a bunch of amazing people and professionals
we do innovation, branding & communication projects
and work on ideas that can change businesses & communities

we love making stuff that people love and share
stuff that we love and share

if you're in the neighborhood stop by, say hi
we're nice and we have hammocks and an old dog

a few years ago i noticed that my little home town needs a rebranding
now, the little town is the european union's expertise hub on city branding
and we're helping cities from 7 countries build urban brand strategies
not bad for a little town from nomansland

then we made the brand of the region of transylvania
the world's first regional brand built by citizens not governments

by the way, you should totally visit transylvania
lonely planet said it’s the best region to visit in the world
looks pretty much like the shire, from lord of the rings
speaking about hobbits here's an article
from new zealand about transylvania

now we work on this thing with forbes
more than just a conference: new jobs, ideas, startups
lots of good stuff going on

oh and we made a school of innovation
we love it because it matters and we want it to be the best in europe
and we want to raise the boldest, bravest, greatest 
generation of innovators europe has seen

and we're now building a couple of tech startups
together with this brilliant mind

and we made a cool production house
and working on a startup where lots of good food is involved

sometimes i get tired
when i'm tired, i go here
it's where i grew up
as a dreamer

i'm nobody.
from nomansland.

and together with my people
we'll change the world