Volume 1

The American Fathers Episode 1: Swept Away
The American Fathers is a satirical cyberpunk take on American democracy. It is being published as a serial. Each installment, or episode, features a different character. The events narrated in each character's life are connected to the events that occur in the lives of the other characters featured in the other episodes. Volume 1 of The American Fathers, therefore, is an interconnected sequence of stories that paint an intriguing picture of the United States of America in the year 2032.

Popular serials in literary history include The Three MusketeersThe Count of Monte Cristo Uncle Tom's Cabin The Russian MessengerThe Brothers Karamazov, and of course Sherlock Holmes.   

The American Fathers Episode 2: Dinner Invitation
Four couples are featured in Volume 1 of The American Fathers.

Sheila McKinley and Jasira Sayid, a labor economist and a congressional correspondent.

Devin Wayne and Irene Daco, a former general with The Fathers, and America's first princess.

Victor and Natalia Daco, patriarch and wife of the United States of America's First House.

Todd Giannopolous and Eve Harrington, member of the rebel hacker collective the POP Watchers, and sole heir of House Harrington, the country's Second House.

The American Fathers Episode 3: Escape From New Orleans
As each of the nine episodes of the first volume of the serial unfold, the stories of these four couples collide, while the fabric of the country's New Order is slowly falling apart.

Episode 1 is narrated by Adrianne Cury. Amy Montgomery plays the main character, Sheila McKinley, and Fawzia Mirza plays Jasira Sayid. Deb Doetzer performs both the roles of Adriane Murry, and the waitress in Part 2 - Sticky Fingers. Scott Duff plays both Adam, the TV producer in Part 1 - Catastrophe, and Roy, the engineer that appears on the show, Holding Court.

Episode 4: Emperor

The cast of Episode 2, once again, includes Adrianne Cury as narrator, Amy Montgomery as Sheila, Fawzia Mirza as Jasira, plus Rebecca Cox, who plays Irene Daco, America's first princess, Cameron Knight as her lover and fugitive general of The Fathers, Juan Francisco Villa as the soldier Mike Costa, Karin Anglin as the AI Samantha, and Kevin Theis as the brilliant engineer Bartholomew Kideris, AKA Bart.

Fawzia Mirza on The American Fathers

Fawzia Mirza on The American Fathers

Becca Cox on The American Fathers

Rebecca Cox on The American Fathers 

Kevin Theis on The American Fathers

Kevin Theis on The American Fathers

The American Fathers Episode 1 begins in the year 2032. The fashion and political ideology known as Dynasty Style is a popular trend around the country. Sheila McKinley, a prominent labor economist, belongs to a nascent group of academicians known as Prime Heuristic. They believe America's dynasties will destroy the country. But they have failed to persuade the government and the people of the need for change.

When Sheila meets Jasira she doesn't know what to expect. The popular congressional correspondent is smart, attractive, and successful in a way that's unheard of without close connections to at least one noble house. Sheila's attraction to Jasira is clear from the start, and she's wary, not knowing Jasira's true agenda. Does she support the dynasties and their influence upon the government she covers? Or is Jasira like Sheila, working to turn the country away from contemporary feudalism and back to democracy?

Adriane Murray
Host of the popular TV show Holding Court. Both of which epitomize Dynasty Style, the fashion trend and pseudo social and political ideology popular in America in the year 2032.

A solar powered supersonic earth ship, capable of circumnavigating the globe in four hours. Avalon is designed and manufactured by Daco Aeronautics, a subsidiary of Daco Enterprises, the world leader in aeronautic engineering. Although similar in appearance, Avalon is not technically a space ship, because it is not capable of handling hard vacuum, which characterizes travel between the planets. Victor Daco gave Avalon as a gift to his daughter, Irene, in
the year 2031, on the day of her 21st birthday.

Corporate Sovereignty
A principle enshrouded in the idea that corporations have the right to operate like sovereign nations in order to compete globally, and in order to function efficiently in the management of human and natural resources. The New Rule, sweeping corporate governance legislation passed by the 118th US Congress in the year 2024, is based on the principle of Corporate Sovereignty. Thirteen American conglomerates, most notably Daco Industries,  became sovereign entities upon passage of The New Rule.

Dynasty Style
A fashion trend and pseudo socio/political ideology popular in the United States of America in the year 2032. Dynasty Style is characterized by modern clothing, whose design is inspired by the Middle Ages, and jingoistic support of the relationship between the royal houses, the Presidency, the Congress, and America’s federal judicial system.

POP Watchers
In 2032 the Point One Percent (or P.O.P) Watchers, are a hacktivist collective dedicated to exposing the eroding effects of dynastic rule on American society. The collective is founded, however, in the year 2024 by Felix Studerman, in response to Victor Daco’s ban on the media’s dissemination of images of his daughter, Irene Daco, who is fourteen years old at the time. Studerman creates a platform that would allow people to share and disseminate images of Irene Daco through the Dark Net. The network of users grew to include individuals obsessed, not only with Irene Daco, but also with other dynasty heirs, including Eve Harrington, David Tafuri, and Thaddeus Maddox. By the year 2032 the platform is also being used by disgruntled hacktivists determined to topple dynasty rule by any means necessary.

Prime Heuristic
A heuristic is a process or method that enables a person to discover or learn something for themselves. In that vain, Prime Heuristic is started by a group of college professors and artists who believed the American electorate would reject The New Rule if that electorate understood the social and economic implications of its passage.  The members of Prime Heuristic attempt to create and disseminate easy to use heuristics to the American public. In spite of Prime Heuristic's efforts, The New Rule passes with near unanimous support in Congress, serving as a devastating loss for this idealistic group of academics, which had grown to the point of having chapters on every college and university campus in the country. By 2032 Prime Heuristic is a small, marginalized college based organization, whose remaining members are dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and documenting the social and economic impact dynastic rule is having on the country.

Episode 1 - SWEPT AWAY
The American Fathers Episode 1

Episode 2 - 
The American Fathers Episode 2

Episode 3 - Escape From New Orleans

Episode 4: Emperor

Sheila McKinley is an idealistic economics professor who rails quixotic against 2032 American feudalism. 

Jasira Sayid is the intriguing congressional correspondent whom Sheila suspects is a dynasty insider.

Irene Daco is the beautiful engineer princess, the privileged geek working to gain steady footing in a world of wealth and power. 

Bartholomew Kideris (AKA Bart) is the idiosyncratic inventor of the Vortex Drive, a device capable of creating and manipulating wind tunnels.

Devin Wayne is the brash ex-general of The Fathers who has risked his life to be with Irene Daco.

Mike Costa is the gruff but  loveable soldier, who is also Devin Wayne's best friend, and therefore the only vassal in House Daco Devin can trust.

Samantha is the complicated artificial intelligence who is also the person Irene trusts and depends on the most. 

Victor Daco:

Natalia Daco:

Phillip Harrington:

Eve Harrington:

James Maddox:

Thaddeus Maddox

Ignacio Tafuri:

David Tafuri:

Todd Giannopolous:

How does it come to this?

In the year 2024 the 118 United States Congress passes The New Rule, a sweeping package of corporate governance legislation that codifies the principal of corporate sovereignty. This principle is based on the idea that corporations have the right to operate like sovereign nations in order to compete globally, and in order to function efficiently in the management of human and natural resources. With passage of the New Rule, America’s thirteen official dynasties are born.

While The New Rule is being debated in Congress the media marginalizes critics of the bill by urging public officials to explain how The New Rule will improve the lives of average Americans, regular people, and everyday folk.  Regular people, they say, should not be expected to understand the complexities of governance. In that way regular becomes a place to which citizens can retreat if they don't want to take responsibility for their choice of representative, for their support of the policies those representatives promote, or for the laws enacted on the basis of those policies, in spite of how these things all impact their lives.

The New Rule is passed, and soldiers stationed overseas return to a  country they don't recognize. Some are disillusioned and blame regular citizens for allowing officials to hand the government over to America's most powerful corporations.

Regular  becomes a slang term popular among the military contractors who pledge fealty to noble houses. To them, dynastic rule is a betrayal of the sacrifice they made for their country, which is also  now a terrible choice they have to make in order to survive. Regulars are the people who sat by and watched as the country was signed away to thirteen families. As vassals to the noble houses, these military contractors see the contrast between the dynasties and the lives of regular citizens. Part of the traditional military community is transformed into what becomes known as the Underground.

The term regular reflects the reality of having to leave the military out of frustration to sell their services to the nobility, and a deep lack of faith in the country's citizenry and American democratic ideals.

Sworn Oath Of Fealty (SOF)
A legal document signed during the hiring of an employee, which establishes the individual’s pledge of fealty to one of the thirteen Houses.