Welcome to the Henri Studio Instructions Library for Discontinued Products

Here you will find instructions for all of our discontinued products.
If you are familiar with the item number you are looking for, simply enter the first four digits in the search box and press "Search Site". 
We have found that the search option, with some files, it doesn't always return a "... found" result. We are looking into getting it fixed. But please try it, as it seems to work for most of them.

Alternatively, click over the Sitemap link on the right, select one of the product categories and scroll down to the item you are looking for. They are all sorted numerically.

If you do not know the model number please refer to our products on our website or contact us if you'd prefer.
Instructions change as new components are added or enhancements are made, so please contact us if you have any trouble.
All Cast Stone Henri products are covered by a One (1) year warranty. All other products are covered by a One (1) year warranty.
Below is the Fact Sheet, which covers Fountain Care, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Warranty terms.
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