Public Service Announcments
2014 - 2015

Media Influences

The Power of Advertising

Advertising plays an important role in influencing our behavior as consumers. Many of our everyday decisions about what product to buy are influenced by the ads we see and hear. By learning more about advertising and by being aware of the techniques used by advertisers to persuade us to buy a certain product or behave a certain way, we will be less likely to be persuaded to do something we might not ordinarily choose to do.

The Purpose of Advertising

The purpose of advertising is to sell products - to persuade us to buy their products. Some ads are deceptive. They deliberately mislead potential buyers by presenting information that may be at least partially inaccurate, be presenting accurate information in such a way that they are able to play down the weakness of the product and play up its strengths, or by greatly exaggerating the truth. Many advertisers are so effective that they often make us want their product without our being aware of the fact that they have persuaded us.

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