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Students using HCPS Google Apps for Education will be required to transfer the contents of their current account (henrico.k12.va.us) to a new account (henricostudents.org). This is a one time transfer that all students must make by June 15, 2013. This change will only affect the student population, teachers will continue to work out of the henrico.k12.va.us domain. Although this change may cause some headaches at the onset, it will allow for automatic syncing of students accounts and will provide students with a valid and working Gmail address. The directions below will outline the process for transferring the contents of a student's current account (henrico.k12.va.us) into the new account (henricostudents.org). Once the transfer is complete, students will work out of their new account (henricostudents.org) for the remainder of this school year and into next year. Once everything has been transferred, henricostudents.org will be the new permanent account.

Before  After 
 Username: hcps-username@henrico.k12.va.us  Username: hcps-username@henricostudents.org
 Password: Assigned  Password: Self - generated
 Email: No email capabilities  Email: Email enabled (filtered) HS & Select MS

Screencast - Copying Your Google Site To @henricostudents.org

Screencast - Setting up Class Rosters and Distribution Lists

See Your ITRT for the Password

Q: What are the differences between the henrico.k12.va.us and henricostudents.org domains?
A: The major difference is in how the accounts are created and managed. They will now be synchronized with HCPS' Active Directory structure and the process will be automated. This will remove the need for manual account creation. GMAIL accounts will be provisioned for all HS students.

Q: What will happen to my HCPS Google docs if I do not change to the new domain?
A: It will be deleted on June 16, 2014 and any content in that account will no longer be available. It is crucial that all users transfer henrico.k12.va.us account materials before June 16, 2014.

Q: What filters will apply to the student use of their HCPS Gmail account?
A: Students are expected to adhere to AUP and Code of Conduct guidelines when using their HCPS provisioned email account. A blacklist filter is in place and it will block any inappropriate content from being sent over the network. 

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