Day 1: Finding sources and using Noodle Tools to create citations. Use Clever to research your topic in the databases. Issues and Controversies and Student Resources In Context are the best databases to start with. Find at least one article with an overview of the whole issue, then start looking for one article supporting your side of the issue and one article opposing your side of the issue. You should have at least 3 articles printed by the end of class. Read through them and highlight/take notes on anything you find important.

Day 2: Writing Annotations. Mini Annotations. Write annotations for all of the sources you have found so far. Continue to research your topic. Remember, you are looking for evidence to support your side of the issue. If you still need more sources, you can watch this video to help you know how to search our catalog for books. 


Day 3. Notecards and outlines. Today you will create notecards in Noodle Tools to help you organize your research. Each notecard should contain one thought or idea – a few sentences at the most! Learning to paraphrase is an important part of creating notecards.

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