Early Exploration Mapping Project

It’s time to take a trip outside and explore the school grounds! Don’t be fooled. This is not going to be a leisurely walk in the park. It is going to be one of early exploration involving fierce competition between the world powers of England, Spain, and France. During this journey you should reflect on the motivating forces as well as numerous obstacles European explorers might have experienced during their journey. Your group must determine which group members will experience life as one of one of the European Explorers discussed in class (Cabot, LaSalle, Champlain, Coronado). As you explore the grounds of Holman Middle School, you must determine where key locations would be situated. For example, if one of the tennis courts is England where on the football field would Northern Canada be located? Be mindful to keep everything in relative proximity as if the entire “world” is situated within the school grounds. Let’s say that Holman Middle School (the building) is the Atlantic Ocean. With that known fact you will need to determine the starting point and end locations of each explorer as well as get creative about some of the experiences they may have encountered during their journey to the New World. Once you chart out the key locations you will create a digital version of your map with placemarks, descriptions, and photos as determined by your group and share your completed maps on this site!