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Center for Medical Sciences

Are you interested in the life and health sciences? Are you planning on pursuing a college major in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology, Tissue Engineering, Chemistry or Biochemistry? Are you interested in pursuing a professional career in Medicine, Dentistry, Research, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, or Nursing? Are you excited by new theories, discoveries, and applications in medicine, and science? The Todd Allen Phillips Center for Medical Sciences will emphasize a diagnostic, cross-curricular approach to problem-solving using hypotheses, research, experimentation, and mathematical techniques. Come learn to explore the world within you; come prepare to develop the world of tomorrow!

The Todd Allen Phillips Center for Medical Sciences, is designed to provide qualified students having genuine interest in medicine and health science the opportunity to gain early exposure to advanced course-work, research laboratories, and medical shadowing. Participation in the program is through an application process and is limited to students that reside in Henrico County. Henrico County Public Schools provides transportation to out-of-zone students who are selected to participate in the program.

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Specialty Center students have required courses as part of both the Specialty Center curriculum AND as part of HCPS ‘Advanced Diploma’ graduation requirements. Successful graduation from the Specialty Center program requires that the student complete a minimum of 13 units of approved coursework that includes both Specialty Center core courses and elective courses. All coursework required as part of the specialty center curriculum is Honors level. Please refer to the descriptions of specialty center core courses and elective courses on the following pages for more information.

Upon successful completion of the specialty center program, students will have a MINIMUM of 5 AP courses (3 AP Science and 2 AP Mathematics). Most graduating students have far more than this as Mills E. Godwin High School offers a multitude of AP level courses in several disciplines from which to choose (English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies).

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The Specialty Center for Medical Sciences is located on its own hallway within Mills E. Godwin High School in western Henrico County. Specifically, the following rooms and equipment are available for CMS Center classes and for CMS Center students:

  • 5 classrooms
  • 2 wet-labs
  • Student study room
  • Networked printer
  • 3D printer
  • Autoclave
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Vernier probes
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction Machine
  • Electrophoresis
  • Centrifuge


Mrs. Bach - AP Physics I, Physics I

Mr. Bosher - Anatomy & Physiology, AP Environmental Science

Mr. Cole - AP Statistics, Geometry

Mrs. Cope - Medical Biology, Scientific Research, Genetics & Biotechnology, Biology

Mrs. Delano - Medical Chemistry, Organic & Biochemistry, AP Chemistry

Mr. Fletcher - Research Analytics: Pre-Calculus, Math Analysis/Trig, Algebra II

Mrs. Malak - Research Analytics: Algebra II, Algebra II , AP Calculus AB

Mrs. Martin - Microbiology & Immunology, Biology

Mrs. Ostrom - Medical Biology, Scientific Research, Biology

Mrs. Watson - AP Calculus AB, Algebra I

Center Director: Kelly Ostrom (email:

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