12.03 - Xsquash configuration (Jira Plugin)

To configure Xsquash, click on “admin menu > Add-ons”. In the menu on the left, search “Xsquash” and click on “Configuration”.

In the form, you need to specify the base URL of Squash TM, the name of the Jira Server in Squash TM which corresponds to this JIRA instance, as well as the login details of one Squash TM account. This account will be used for all plugin requests regarding Squash TM. It needs to have at least reading rights on Squash TM projects that will be using Xsquash.
The name of the Jira server in the configuration must be identical to the name of a JIRA bugtracker declared in Squash TM and used for synchronizations.

Prerequisites in Squash TM
The Xsquash4Jira plug-in must have been installed on Squash TM and configured for at least one project.